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Here's How Much of Your Skin Care Products You Should Be Using

Here's How Much of Your Skin Care Products You Should Be Using
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No more, no less.

For your skin care products to work, you should be applying just enough. By this, we mean using every product based on its recommended amount, never too much nor too little. If you're still confused, we made a quick guide to help you out. Watch the video below!

1. Cleanser: 1 pump/10-centavo coin

For instant foaming cleansers, the recommended amount is one pump. For gel and cream cleansers, an amount the same size as a 10-centavo coin should suffice.

2. Toner: 3 to 4 drops

Your cotton pad should not be soaking wet with toner. All you need is around three to four drops, enough to soak one part of the cotton. After, you can fold the pad in half and press it to distribute the liquid evenly.

3. Essence: 3 to 4 drops

Three to four big drops of essence should be enough to cover your face and neck. Any more than that will dampen your skin too much. Besides, ingredients in essences are potent enough to be used sparingly.


4. Serum: 2 to 3 pea-sized pumps

You don't really need much of your serums to get them to work. Since this product already has concentrated ingredients, two to three pea-sized pumps (or drops for those with droppers) can give you what you need.

5. Eye Cream: 1 pump

The eye area is small, hence you really don't need a lot of eye cream to hydrate it. Use the pad of your ring finger as a measuring tool.

6. Moisturizer: 2 to 3 pumps

How much moisturizer you need depends on your skin type and the formula of the product you're using. But generally, you only need about the size of a one-peso coin. Feel free to adjust according to your needs, though!

7. Facial Scrub: one small dollop

Scrubs can become abrasive if you use too much of it, so be wary. A small dollop (or one finger tip) thinned out with some water will do the job well enough!

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8. Sunscreen: two fingers

Sunscreen is one product that's critical to use enough of. To keep your entire face and neck covered for a few hours, you need about two lines of sunscreen with at least SPF 30 using your index and middle fingers as measurement guide.

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