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Simple Makeup Hacks for Wearing a Full Brow

When you wanna feel extra Cara Delevingne-esque.
Simple Makeup Hacks for Wearing a Full Brow
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When you wanna feel extra Cara Delevingne-esque.

Brows are always a tricky feature to enhance. Go too far and you'll end up with two bushy caterpillars that instantly age you, hold back on the brow pencil and you'll have a weak set of brows that won't complement your look. To help us with this conundrum, we sat down with K-Palette's Japanese makeup artist Natsumi Murakami to pick her brains for the best beauty tips for our brows, some of which are these super simple hacks on how to wear full and thick eyebrows without looking too harsh. 

1. Use brow mascara.

When you do a full brow, the tendency is for the brow to become darker and harsher. Avoid this by using a 
brow mascara in a lighter shade to keep the thickness of the brow without that harsh look. 

2. Use a gradation technique. 

Instead of doing your brows in one color, use a light shade for the middle of the brows and go darker as you reach the ends. 


3. Blend the middle.

Usually the middle of the brows are what make a look severe (kilay with kanto, anyone?). To avoid this, blend well at the start of your brows to blur away the harsh lines and to give off a softer, more diffused look. 

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