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Sexy Smolder

Sultry—and wearable—makeup for your date nights.
Sexy Smolder Sultry—and wearable—makeup for your date nights.

Big evenings out mean one thing: drama. Save all the au naturel minimalism for day, and leave the cutesy looks for dancing with the girls—when you're with your man (or out on a mission to get one, whichever the case), nothing works like sexy does.

A lot of ladies like to build up on their day look to create their date face—it saves time and effort!—but when starting from scratch, Shu Uemura Makeup Artist Claire Seelin-Diokno says to nix the matte foundation and go for something that sexily glows in lowlight, like a dewy finish.

For the second part of our date instructional videos, Claire and her husband, Ricky Diokno of Kiehl's Stylist Series, show how to create a seductive yet easy date-night look for all your hot soirees.

The Makeup

Using the Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Holiday Collection Planet Cat Couture Palette, P3600, Claire uses the cream-colored shadow as a highlighter on the higher planes of the face to create dimension and a candlelight-friendly radiance. Target spot to hit: browbones.

“Midnight blue liner is not as harsh as black [for the upper eyeline],” she offers, however black is still used to rim the bottom line. For the perfectly neat, smokey swoosh, line the inner two-thirds with a gel eyeliner, going towards the outer corners of eyes. “When you do eyeliner, make sure that you always connect the upper to the lower line,” Claire cautions. Painting Liner in Midnight Blue, and M Black, P1,375 each, is solid yet easy to use.

The look is softened by topping it with a plum shadow and dabbing a bit of the white shadow into the inner corners to add a twinkle in your eye. Claire advises, “Blend from the inner corners outwards to brighten the eye.”

A light, shimmery blush, Glow On P Purple in 05, P1,500, is used to do a subtly sculpted cheek—crucial for creating slight drama and definition for evening, without going overboard. “Start from the apples of cheeks downwards, so that you glow when light catches your face,” she says.

For lips, less is more: “You don't want it to kiss off on your date!” Apply a happy, berry pink, like Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in PK 369, P1350, first with a lip brush, and top off with some gloss if you wish for extra sparkle.

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The Hair

“Make it light and wispy and romantic,” Ricky advises for date-night hair. Anything tight and contrived is unapproachable, which is exactly what we don't want when it comes to attracting your date!

He says to separate hair into three simple sections, and to isolate and clip the bangs first. The lower sections should be separated vertically and tied in a ponytail. Afterwards, the crown is slightly volumized by some minimal lifting with a fishtail or teasing comb.

To achieve the loose, sexy-chic bun, twist each separate section around itself and secure with hairpins, a la ballerina-style. Tease the bangs area slightly to create lift (or blowdry in the opposite of your hair part, if you're tease-averse) and sweep to one side, pinning ends near the bun to hide the seams. Finish everything with a featherlight spritz of hairspray… or leave things loose to unravel naturally, sexily, as the night unfolds.

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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