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An Alternative to the Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine

It's perfect for the summer!
An Alternative to the Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine
It's perfect for the summer!

You asked, K-beauty answered. The famous 10-step routine now has a trimmed down version perfect for the summer! Introducing, the Seven Skin Method.

Designed for combination/oily skin types, this method is extremely lightweight. It doesn't use any sticky creams or oils that make you greasy when it's hot outside. While it does also work in layers, you have only seven instead of 10, and each layer is composed of just one product: a hydrating toner.


The Korean 10-step skin care routine

Why toner? Because it can basically do it all. Hydrating toners are designed to balance the skin and help it return to its natural pH after cleansing. Many hydrating toners therefore have skin softening and moisturizing benefits on their own, so if you were to put on multiple layers, you'll achieve a similar effect to that of a moisturizer. You also don't have to wait as long between layers, since your skin can absorb the thin liquid quicker. Koreans actually call toners "skin" since applying it is like putting on a more balanced version of your own.

The critical choice with this method is, of course, your toner of choice. To make the most out of this method, Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe says to avoid anything with alcohol and exfoliating acids like AHA. Focus on toners that have hydrating benefits, or any skin care product with a similar watery texture. Watery essences are perhaps the next best choice!


IMAGE Son and Park, Human Heart Nature, Missha

Son and Park Beauty Water, P1200, Skin Care Curator; Human Heart Nature Nourishing Toner, P185, Beauty Bar; Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence, P2700, Landmark TriNoma

Once you pick your perfect toner, start with three layers tapped into the skin one by one (skip the cotton pads for this!). Give your skin a few days to adjust to the routine while slowly working your way up to the ideal seven layers. Take note that you don't have to make this your permanent routine if you don't want to! You can definitely just have this trick on standby for days that are extra humid.

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Watch the video below for a quick lesson and demo!

Will you try this method this summer?

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