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Are We the Only Ones Bothered by This Scene in the "Crash Landing on You" Finale?

Are We the Only Ones Bothered by This Scene in the "Crash Landing on You" Finale?
IMAGE tvN, TWITTER/yvonneenee
Seo Dan's makeup was perfect! A little too perfect, honestly.

Not to rub salt on the wound or anything, but since the Crash Landing on You finale, there are so many things we can't seem to get over with, including a very specific scene from the last episode. Here's a hint: It involves Seo Dan played by actress Seo Ji-hye. Now if you haven't watched the episode yet, be warned, this is your cue to stop scrolling because we're about to drop a MAJOR spoiler!

Tragedy hit the finale with Gu Seung-joon being fatally shot after attempting to save Seo Dan from her assailants. She finally confessed her feelings to him as he took his last breath, but sadly, that was the last we've seen of Seung-joon. Dan, understandably, spent her next scenes in complete disarray, mourning the loss of the love of her life. But there was one thing that remained on point, though: her makeup.


Seo Dan's eye makeup remained flawless throughout her endless bouts of crying. Her mascara never ran, her eyeliner never smudged, and her brows were perfectly filled-in even as she wasted away in bed. We had to juggle being sad for her and being amused at her flaw-free glam. She was #goals, honestly—as this tweet pointed out:

That said, don't get us wrong. At the end of the day, don't we all arm ourselves with waterproof eyeliner and mascara when we know we're about to cry our eyes out? TBH, we think it will be quite the power move if Seo Dan had half a mind to pick sob-proof makeup before indulging in her feels. If only she'd spill exactly what those products! We'd love to look this good at our next cry, too.

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