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5 Good Reasons to Touch Your Bumps for Lumps

Call it self-love.
5 Good Reasons to Touch Your Bumps for Lumps Call it self-love.

"Damn, I’m going to miss my boobs. They were pretty good boobs,” Rita Nazareno told herself at 38, after finding out that she had stage 2B cancer.

In the Philippines, most women don’t perform routine self-exams because they do not know how, because nobody told them to, or because they’re afraid of what they might discover.

This October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to change that — Preview together with TBWA-SMP and ICanServe Foundation turns to the world of fashion to take a stand against breast cancer. The #BandForBreastCancer issue tells women a simple truth: the breast self-exam is a show of love that goes beyond the self. That alone should be reason enough to do a monthly check.

1. Breast cancer goes beyond the self.

It affects families, friends, anyone close enough to matter. A self-check might just be one of the most selfless acts a woman can do.


2. Big or small, save them all.

The disease can affect anyone, at any age — even men, in rare instances.

3. The odds are already against us.

The Philippines has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Southeast Asia, and ranks ninth in the world.

4. Early detection saves lives.

"Caught in its early stage, breast cancer is treatable and the survival rates are extremely high,” says survivor Crisann Seldran.

5. Fight like a girl!

Anyone with breasts should give theirs a routine check, not just in October but at least once month, all year round.

Featured in the #bandforbreastcancer issue are the Breast Cancer Survivors — the forever fighters, from the moment they got diagnosed to starting a new life after their treatments end. Stronger at the broken places, here they are with bandanas symbolizing their strength — all living testaments that show one’s will to live is more powerful than a deadly disease.

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Let us honor their strength by showing our own — may we fight the fight against breast cancer, may we take matters into our own hands and make routine self-checks our monthly expression of love.

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