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8 Sleek Yet Low-Key Tattoo Ideas to Match Your Scorpio Energy

Intrigue others even more with some ink!
8 Sleek Yet Low-Key Tattoo Ideas to Match Your Scorpio Energy
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Intrigue others even more with some ink!

They're elusive and mysterious, yet have a magnetic personality that can just draw anyone in. These people are often regarded as passionate individuals who are ruthless in their pursuit of success, yet aren't loud about it—perhaps the only time you'll ever hear them roar is when they're expressing their love for their significant others. We're in the middle of November right now, so we could only be talking about the ever-so-enigmatic Scorpios.

Arguably the most low-key of the Zodiac signs, Scorpios are usually laid-back folks who champion their own brand of charisma and style. If you need some well-known examples of these go-getters, look no further than local celebs like Mimiyuuuh, Nadine Lustre, and birthday twins Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod.

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Nadine was born on the Halloween of 1993, making her a full-fledged Scorpio!

While Scorpios don't usually boast of themselves a lot, it wouldn't hurt to wear the star sign as a badge of honor. You can keep your ink small and pretty minimal, so that, in true Scorpio fashion, only those you trust will get a glimpse of them. If you need some ideas, scroll on for 8 tattoo designs that are perfect for you silent but "deadly" people of the Zodiac cycle. 

Here are 8 sleek tattoo ideas to low-key express your Scorpio pride

1. Countour-line illustration

If going the obvious route and having a scorpion etched on your skin isn't for you, an intricate countour-line drawing might be what you're looking for. Subtly hint your star sign by incorporating the scorpion's lethal tail in your design, like the one below that has it as a person's ponytail. Depending on how large you want it, this would look great either on the back of one of your calves or right on your forearm. 

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2. Scorpio symbol

The one's a pretty straightforward example that would need some decoding for the non-Zodiac savvy, which is perfect for the secretive nature of some Scorpios. The symbol itself makes for a simple but chic design, and it can be done on a really small scale that can fit on one of your fingers. It would look really cool when placed beside some chic rings.

3. Minimalist scorpion drawing

Another low-key but high impact way to depict a scorpion would be to go for a moto-inspired drawing that somehow makes up the image of the animal. Somewhere down your back would be an optimal spot to place this stroke-heavy design. 

4. Scorpius constellation

Certain star formations are named after Zodiac signs, hence, the term "star sign". The one assigned to Scorpios is pretty elegant, and would be a nice feature on your collarbone or chest area. You can even customize it to your own liking by having the stars in the constellation be flowers or waterdrops instead. 


5. A floral design alongside a scorpion

Despite having an icy facade, Scorpios are actually quite sensitive and emotional people; so what better way to represent that than by having some flowers placed beside or around a scorpion. It's an easy way to merge together the varying characteristics of a Scorpio, and it's definitely quite the conversation-starter when spotted on your forearm.

6. Chrysanthemum flowers

Speaking of flora, the one that makes most sense to Scorpios would be chrysanthemums, the flower of the month of November. They stand as symbols for loyalty and devoted love, both things you can count on from Scorpios. Such a dainty tattoo would nestle nicely on your back, or anywhere up your arm.

7. Waves or any illusration of water

Alongside Pisces and Cancers, Scorpios identify themselves as water signs. This would explain the sentimentality Scorpios have towards the people and things around them. Maybe a bit too obvious, but a tattoo of some waves or any symbol of water would be a sufficient way to wear your emotions on your sleeve—or in terms of where to place your ink, anywhere on your arm.


8. A drawing of a scorpion

Well, if you truly are a cunning Scorpio, you knew this one was coming. Though, hear us out: Having the small but vicious animal tattooed anywhere from your wrist to your ankle can really signify your unapologetic pride in who you are. Trust us, have this on your body an you'll be walking around as fiercely as the animal itelf. 

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