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5 Bad Hair Habits You Should Stop Doing, According to a Korean Hairstylist

Are you still wrapping your hair in a towel after showering?
5 Bad Hair Habits You Should Stop Doing, According to a Korean Hairstylist
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Are you still wrapping your hair in a towel after showering?

Next to looking for a new haircut and color for the new year, you should definitely check on improving your hair care habits, too. It's the only way to enjoy your makeover to the fullest!

We're pretty sure you already know the good habits you should keep (here they are just in case), so let's dive into the no-no's this time. Ahead, we list down bad habits that are secretly damaging your scalp, according to Korean hairstylist Chahong:

1. Applying thick hair products on your scalp.

According to Chahong, products with rich textures like conditioner and treatments often contain silicone or lubricants that can't be easily washed off with water. And when these come in contact with our scalp, the buildup can clog our pores, cause allergic reactions, or even cause hair loss. Hence, when using these products, she says to only apply them to the damaged part of your hair (read: your ends) unless it's specifically designed as a scalp treatment.


2. Massaging your shampoo in harshly.

Turns out, scalp massages aren't always the best either. "If you massage your scalp with your nails or some form of intense friction...the sensitive skin inside, or in the case of people with seborrheic skin, it exarcerbates the seborrhea or worsen infections," Chahong explains. After all, your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face, so you should be gentle with it, too! The hairstylist suggests massaging your shampoo in softly with your fingertips, preferably in small circular motions.

3. Wrapping your wet hair in a towel for too long.

It may look good in photos, but keeping your wet locks in a towel wrap for too long is actually a bad habit. Aside from the way it pulls on your hair, Chahong says that leaving your scalp exposed to moisture for an extended amount of time allows germs to grow more actively in that area. This could potentially intensify into dermatitis, too, so those with an already-sensitive scalp should steer clear. But if you still want to do it for the 'gram, doing it for a minute or two wouldn't hurt!

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4. Tying your hair while it's still wet.

The cons to this habit are similar to the one above, but one of its most noticeable effects is that it can make your hair smell funny later. When done often, this could also worsen existing scalp problems or create one entirely. The solution? Dry your hair fully before picking up that hair tie.

5. Wearing hats for long periods of time.

As much as we love our hats for lazy/bad hair days, the hairstylist warns against wearing them for a full day. "[The hat] interferes with your scalp's blood circulation and much of our body's heat escapes through our scalp, so it can result in the accumulation of sweat and sebum," says Chahong. It turns the environment on your scalp more humid as well, making it a happy home to germs.

Watch the hairstylist's full video below for more tips:

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