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Here's How Sarah Lahbati Deals with Acne and Sensitive Skin

Here's How Sarah Lahbati Deals with Acne and Sensitive Skin
IMAGE Charisma Lico via INSTAGRAM/sarahlahbati
Surprisingly, she has skin troubles, too!

When Sarah Lahbati first started show biz, she didn't care much about skincare. "I thought makeup will make me look good," she admits. Being able to rely on makeup to hide every blemish or imperfection made her constantly depend on using foundation and concealer. "[Whenever] I didn't have makeup [on], I really felt, 'Oh my god, I need more makeup," the actress tells Preview. F0rtunately, she has since grown out of that phase and started to build her own skincare routine three years ago. Better late than never, right?

According to Sarah, she has both oily and sensitive skin, so she chooses her skincare wisely. "I like testing out toners and [other] products, but I [am prone to] suddenly [getting] harsh reactions, so I stick to gentle ones," she explains. And by the looks of her skin, going the gentle route definitely works! After all, if you have oily skin, stripping your skin dry with harsh products will only make things worse.

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Despite Sarah's skin type, the new Cetaphil ambassador thinks that moisturizing is crucial, and that needing to do it religiously is probably one of the best beauty tips she has received. "When I learned to take care of my skin, I saw what moisturizing could do. It really gives you softer skin," she says. "Sometimes when you have acne and it dries up, it [can] leave a mark, but if you moisturize every morning and night, then it will slowly diminish."

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Apart from having oily and sensitive skin, Sarah says she also deals with acne from time to time. "I gave birth five months ago, so my hormones are on a roller coaster ride," she reveals. On days she's nursing a breakout, she has two no-fail solutions: thorough cleansing and going makeup-free.

"I actually go out [barefaced], kasi sometimes when you put on [makeup] when you have acne, it damages your skin even more," explains the actress. "I know that sometimes it's a hassle going out of the house with a pimple. If you're really not okay with [not covering] it, just apply some concealer and really cleanse and take care of your skin when you get home."


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CETAPHIL Gentle Skin Cleanser, P744 for 473ml, Watsons

Sarah's favorite do-it-all concealer is NARS' Creamy Radiant Concealer, which she uses on her undereyes, breakouts, and sometimes on her T-zone to even out her skin tone.


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NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer, P1650, Rustan's

Hear that, ladies? Cleanse, moisturize, and let your skin "breathe" once in a while. These simple tips will make all the difference!


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