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I Tried This Instagram-Famous Pink Clay Mask and It Made My Pores Look Smaller

I Tried This Instagram-Famous Pink Clay Mask and It Made My Pores Look Smaller
IMAGE INSTAGRAM.COM/sandandskyaus; Maura Isabel Rodriguez
It might just be the best clay mask I've ever tried.

If you commute around Metro Manila on a daily basis, you’d know that your skin is exposed to a lot of free radicals, irritants, and pollution once you step outside your house and into the street. That’s why it’s no surprise that Filipinas LOVE a good clay mask to suck all the gunk out of their pores. But other than its cleansing properties, a clay mask can also help shrink the appearance of enlarged pores and give you an overall clear complexion. And if you’re a skincare junkie who’s also Instagram-obsessed, chances are, you've probably come across one of Sand & Sky’s highly clickable ads on your feed at least once.

Sand & Sky is a cruelty-free Australian beauty brand that’s particularly known for their pink clay mask. The packaging is every #instahoe’s dream: a succulent pink jar labeled with a white sans serif font. As an oily and acne-prone skin gal, I was curious how this mask would fare on my 30s Asian skin. Find out why I consider it to be the BEST clay mask I’ve ever tried.


What: Sand & Sky Australian Porefining Pink Clay Mask

It's a wash-off type clay mask made from Australian pink clay to deeply cleanse pores. It's infused with kelp and witch hazel to soothe skin and further refine texture. It’s also packed with pomegranate and mangosteen extracts that act as powerful antioxidants and kakadu plum to brighten skin with a pinch of vitamin C. Unlike other clay masks, this comes with a complimentary facial brush for easy application.

Additionally, the product promises to make pores appear smaller after every use. It’s also safe for those experiencing severe acne and can be used as a spot treatment during breakouts.


SAND & SKY, Australian Porefining Pink Clay Mask, P2550, 

Current Condition

I regularly use clay masks every week since I commute to and from work. At most, I try masking two times a week to thoroughly detoxify my skin. I have oily, acne-prone skin and my pores are quite large on my nose area and on the apples of my cheeks. So I tend to try to blur them using a proper makeup primer if I want them to appear smaller. 

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How I Used It

Just like any regular clay mask, I used it at night right after washing my face. I noticed that the consistency of the clay was pretty thick and it drags quite a bit when you apply it with the complimentary face brush. The brush does make the process a lot less messier and you can control the product a lot better. I applied a generous amount to fully cover my face.

Once applied, I waited 10 minutes for the mask to set, as instructed on the jar. The tightening sensation is pretty quick and quite intense. It doesn’t sting but you can feel your entire face freeze. It’s one of the most powerful clay masks I’ve ever tried, TBH. It makes it even quite difficult to move any part of your face!

When it was time to wash it off, I was a little wary that it’ll stain a lot and be quite difficult to remove. With the previous clay masks I’ve tried, they’ve always been quite difficult to rinse off. Surprisingly, this one washed off almost instantly! The mask didn’t even put up a fight and melted off my skin once it got into contact with water.

I checked my face in the mirror right after and I was really quite shocked about how my pores have improved. They looked almost blurry, as if my face had used a matte blurring Instagram filter over it! I’ve never seen my pores look this visibly small!




My photo on the left shows more visible texture and the light doesn't reflect on my skin smoothly. Meanwhile, my skin after the mask looks brighter, smoother, and kind of "blurred." (Both photos were taken under the same lighting conditions and were not enchanced in any way.) 
PHOTO BY Maura Isabel Rodriguez
Despite its hefty price tag for a clay mask, I’d say that it’s totally worth it because it delivers instant and obvious results! As someone who’s used clay masks since my early 20s, I’ve never come across one that made my pores look less obvious, and it didn’t irritate my skin either.! It’s also true that you can use it over your acne without aggravating your breakouts even more—it actually helps dry your pimples!

Another thing I love about it is that it’s so easy to wash off. There’s no clay residue left and no lingering smell of the product. It properly preps your skin for your nightly skincare routine, and I noticed that I wake up the next day with a glowing complexion. Sand & Sky’s pink clay mask is a game-changer, and I don’t think I could use any other clay mask after having tried this one.

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