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Ruffa's New Bod

Ruffa Gutierrez reveals a svelte new figure thanks to Belo’s BodyTite.
Ruffa's New Bod Ruffa Gutierrez reveals a svelte new figure thanks to Belo’s BodyTite.

Ruffa Gutierrez has always been one to be open to her public. It's no surprise then that as she reveals a new toned and super fit body, she also eagerly shares exactly how she got it. Coming a long way from when we spotted her last at the Star Awards in November—fully covered in a blush floor length Cary Santiago, Ruffa unveils (literally) her incredible new physique on billboards along major highways clad in skin tight bondage Charina Sarte swimsuits that leave just enough to the imagination (the campaign images are so revealing that according to Manila Bulletin the actress tweeted on April 20 that NAIA actually banned her billboard from going up in the receiving area of Terminal 2.).


The endorser for the Belo Medical Group’s latest liposuction incarnate dubbed BodyTite, Dr. Vicky Belo shared that Ruffa initially approached her for a tummy tuck to remove what she candidly called the lawlaw bits on the latter's abdomen which, despite rigorous workouts could not be toned. Explaining that tummy tucks in cosmetic surgery world are well, passé, Dr. Belo introduced the actress to BodyTite which worked wonders for a fellow lady in the limelight, Jinkee Pacquiao, whose transformation had personally inspired Ruffa.

A solution to loose skin usually found in the inner thighs, arms and stomach, BodyTite is a radiofrequency-based liposuction that is minimally invasive. The handheld contraption used for the procedure allows for doctors to target areas that most people have a hard time toning, penetrating anywhere from 5 to 25mm into the skin tissue. Aside from the aforementioned body parts that the procedure works on, Dr. Belo also shared that she recommends BodyTite for (again) lawlaw underarms caused by aging.  

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Having first tried it in November, Ruffa notes that the downtime was almost non-existent—she was able to resume light activity the day after. Of the entire experience, the actress says, “There is nothing wrong with having something done in your body or even your face, especially with showbiz stars who want to maintain their good looks. There’s nothing shocking about that anymore. I’m seen on TV all the time and even when I am out of the spotlight, I owe it to the public to look good.”

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