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Sexy-sweet makeup for Valentine's Day.
Romantic Beauty Sexy-sweet makeup for Valentine's Day.

Ah, February 14th. Irony aside, most women want to look extra-pretty on this holiest of holy days, whether gloriously single or happily coupled-up.

The trick to acing a romantic look that's just right for your Valentine's Day dates lies in balancing sweet with grown-up—no cheap, juvenile clichés like overdone hair or too much pink.

For the first part of our Valentine's Day instructional videos, we enlist the help of one of the beauty industry's cutest couples, Shu Uemura Makeup Artist Claire Seelin-Diokno and her real-life partner-in-crime, husband Ricky Diokno of Kiehl's Stylist Series, to demonstrate how to achieve the perfect daytime date look.

The Makeup

“Always start by moisturizing well,” Claire remarks. She preps the model's face and lips with Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Intense Moisturizing Concentrate, P2700, for the right touch of hydration. After comes the primer base (try UV Underbase Mousse in 01 P2000), which gives a matte finish and “protects skin from the elements.” Using a wedge sponge, spread a light layer over the face and, as Claire reminds us, “don't forget the neck!”

In choosing foundation for a lighter, more day-appropriate look, be careful: “Test foundation on the jawline, and if it disappears then you have the correct color,” Claire suggests. When dabbing eyelids with base, she also offers a helpful tip: “Squeeze the sponge lightly to release the product in the sponge, so you don't keep reapplying. And extend the foundation past the jawline to the neck.” We find that Face Architect Fluid Foundation, P2150, gives ideal blemish-concealing coverage.

“Use concealer that is one shade lighter than your skintone,” Claire advises. Pro Concealer in 7YR Medium Light, P1500, works great on both acne and dark circles. Large areas (like the nostrils, side of mouth and chin) should be covered first; concealer on a fine brush lightly patted (not swiped!) over blemishes hides imperfections well, too. For undereyes, apply concealer using a small, synthetic-bristled brush that fits right into the inner corners and move in an outward-to-inward direction.

Blend everything seamlessly, then using light strokes, set the whole face with their Loose Powder, P2350, starting with the undereye area, which tends to crease first.

Bronzer and blush accentuates cheekbones and ties everything together. Layering a brighter fuchsia blush over peach gives a flirtier flush as well. For the eyes, gold shadow layered with a cool lavender in the Tsumori Chisato Holiday Collection Planet Cat Couture Palette, P3600, create dimension without going over the top.

Mascara, brow pencil, some falsies and a swipe of shimmery pink lipstick (we love Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in 344, P1300, topped off with Gloss Unlimited in PK378, P1250) complete the perfectly pretty makeup, which complemented the sexy, rumpled curls expertly arranged by Ricky.

Watch the 5-Minute Makeup video >>

The Hair

“You want it to look like you just did it yourself,” Ricky says about the soft, large curls, which can be achieved using a 2”-thick curling iron barrel and by blow drying in mousse at the root of hair. Sectioning hair into three (with the first two sections curled vertically and the crown area curled horizontally, for volume near the forehead) creates lift and separation in the curls, which are then loosed by tousling and shaking with fingers. The final touch? Gently pulling the iron way from the forehead for side-swept bangs for maximum flirt appeal.

Watch the Hair How-to video >>

Happy Hearts Day!

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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