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10 Minimalist and Dainty Rib Tattoo Designs That Will Convince You to Get Inked

It’s the perfect spot for an intimate and meaningful tatt.
10 Minimalist and Dainty Rib Tattoo Designs That Will Convince You to Get Inked
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It’s the perfect spot for an intimate and meaningful tatt.

If you’re looking for a sign before you finally decide to get a tattoo, this is it. A tatt is a great way to express your individuality and could mean more than just one thing depending on its design and placement.

Though wrist and ankle tattoos are undeniably popular, may we suggest getting a rib tattoo, instead? We know what you’re thinking, it seems to be such a daunting place to get inked—but it’s a lot more discreet when you think about it. An artwork under your breast or by the side of your waist is such an intimate and beautiful place to flaunt a meaningful design. Plus, it’s perfectly hidden from prying eyes, unless you want to show it off in a bikini.

Still not convinced? Let these minimalist and dainty designs change your mind. Unlike motifs of yesteryears, rib tattoos now come in all shapes sizes and strokes. You no longer need to settle for an ostentatious tatt that covers too much skin. These days there’s always a simpler and sleeker option to consider. To ease your search, here’s a selection you can easily pick and choose for your next visit to your tattoo artist.


10 Dainty and Stylish Rib Tattoos

1. A wildflower

A dainty stem of wildflowers is actually so delicate as a tattoo! Flowers in general are a pretty choice whether you opt to get it inked on your rib or not. This is also a great option if you’re looking for something you can scale down for a tiny tatt.

2. A quote

You might want to consider a saying or mantra you live by. A rib tatt is actually pretty close to your heart, so having something inspiring written on your skin in this area is quite meaningful.

3. Butterflies

Butterfly tattoos already have deep meanings. This insect can be interpreted as a symbol of transformation, rebirth, or a start of a new and better chapter in your life.

4. A wave

Wave tattoos are perfect if you love the beach or the ocean! This simple design is perfect to flaunt in your bikini when you catch literal waves and get a tan. Definitely a no brainer option for an island girl at heart.  

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5. An abstract silhouette

If you’re looking for something more artistic, consider an abstract design that’ll cover a lot of skin. Despite it being palm-sized, the delicate and freehand lines make it appear light and modern versus dated and heavy.

6. A rose

We’ve talked about how rose tattoos definitely stand the test of time. Having said that, why not get one inked on your rib? Again, this is a design you can easily turn into a thumb-sized ink if you don’t want anything too big.

7. Your name

It doesn’t get more personal than this. If you think getting your name tattooed seems narcissistic to flaunt on a body part that’s easily seen, then get it done in a place that’s perfectly hidden. You can always show it off in a bralette or a hubadera mirror selfie for the ‘gram.

8. A crawling leaf

This design looks great when it subtly wraps the side of your chest or underboob. Just be sure to have it inked as simple outline to keep it sleek. If you’re up for something more playful, you can even extend it as a vine that creeps across your torso.


9. A pair of hands

Hear us out! This may be a little bit out of the box, but it’ll look pretty good when done right! Opt for a simple outline type design or go classical with a Da Vinci-inspired etch. Either way, it’s a unique ink that’s an undeniable conversation starter.

10. Anything written in script

A delicate and handwritten scrip hits differently as a tattoo. TBH, anything drawn in a beautiful script looks sophisticated and beautiful on the skin. The trick is to find a word or phrase that’s meaningful to you and a type of script that can be drawn insanely thin. Never opt for a thick calligraphy design if you want your tatt to look dainty and quite feminine.

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