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Review: I Tried This New Hair Straightening Treatment and It's Even Better Than Rebonding

And it won't damage your tresses!
Review: I Tried This New Hair Straightening Treatment and It's Even Better Than Rebonding
IMAGE Marj Ramos
And it won't damage your tresses!

What: Argila Amazonia Hair Smoothening Treatment

What it does:

Argila Amazonia is an all-natural Brazilian Keratin smoothening and straightening treatment that promises effective and long-lasting results for up to three or four months. Its key ingredients are white Argila clay and Murumuru oil to “reinforce the structure of damaged hair and restore it to its natural sheen and softness.” It’s also free from formaldehyde, parabens, ammonia, or any other chemicals that is considered harmful to our tresses.


IMAGE Argila Amazonia

Argila Amazonia Hair Smoothening Treatment, offered at Lifestyle Salon by Louis Phillip Kee

Current Condition:

I wouldn’t say my hair is particularly problematic—it’s straight, although it’s not shampoo-commercial-worthy kind of straight. I don’t have wild curls to tame and it’s not too frizzy either. Plus, everyone in my family is blessed with thick strands that aren’t as susceptible to breakage. My biggest concern, however, is chemical damage. Given the number of dye jobs my hair has gone through over the past decade, I should consider myself lucky that it hasn’t given up on me yet. Still, some damage is inevitable; my scalp is dry and the texture of my locks is quite coarse. Suffice to say, it’s seen better days. It doesn’t help that my hair is at an awkward, shoulder-grazing length, too, making it extremely difficult to manage every morning. I try to wake up an hour earlier every day to allocate extra time for blow-drying and ironing, which exposes my hair to further heat damage.

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How I Used It:

I had a quick trim prior to the actual treatment. Shortly after, the attendant led me to the shampoo area where they washed my hair with Argila Detoxifier Treatment Shampoo. It’s the first step to prepare hair cuticles for the straightening process. It was then followed by the application of Argila Activator Smoothening Cream Solution, which supposedly restores and improves frizzy hair. In the middle of blow drying, they sprayed the Argila Murumuru Sealer Protection and Shine Spray on my still-damp tresses to strengthen each strand’s lipid barrier and provide lasting hydration and protection.

After my hair was fully blow-dried, it was time to seal in all the products they applied using a flat iron. The styling tool passed six to eight times onto thin sections, and considering how thick my hair is, it probably took me almost three hours in total sitting in that salon chair—well, not so bad for a treatment that promises results to last for more than three months, right?



I left the salon feeling pleased about my smooth, frizz-free hair, but like all straightening treatments, you can only really judge its outcome the next day after you’ve taken a shower. True enough, after washing my hair and even without the help of a professional hairstylist, my locks seemed shiny, healthy, and still without any signs of frizz and damage from the straightening. The only thing that baffled me was how my hair color was suddenly two shades lighter. I also had to use a flat iron to give it some volume on the ends so it won’t look too stick-straight, but overall my hair was softer, smoother, and a lot easier to style—it actually cut my prep time in half. After taking a shower, I'd blow-dry my hair (if I’m not yet late to work, that is) and that’s pretty much there is to it.


It’s been two months since I've had the treatment, and surprisingly, I’m still reaping its benefits. My hair is still relatively straight, shiny, and manageable. I’d totally recommend it to lazy girls who don’t have time to sit for hours in the makeup chair to do their hair! If, like me, you prefer extra 30 minutes of sleep every morning, then I suggest you book an appointment at the salon for an Argila Amazonia smoothening treatment, stat.

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