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Review: This Cushion Compact is Perfect for Oily-Skinned Morenas

Without that shiny look, too.
Review: This Cushion Compact is Perfect for Oily-Skinned Morenas
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
Without that shiny look, too.

Honestly, I'm a big fan of the idea of cushion compacts. I love the sponge you use to apply the product with, I love how weightless the formula feels, and I especially love how most of them come with a high SPF rating. Sadly, I am not the target market for most cushion compacts, as most look better when paired with porcelain complexions. But last week I road tested this one and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Read on!   

What: Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion, SM Makati

A cushion compact that delivers a matte finish that corrects the complexion and lasts for 16 hours. 

What it is: 

According to the Dior website, the product promises a velvety complexion that is both matte and luminous. Upon first inspection it's packaged just like any other refillable cushion compact on the market, but unboxing the product was a dream. From the elegant Dior logo emblazoned prominently on the compact, to the heavenly scent of the product waiting inside, it was a luxurious experience that I've never had with other products.    

IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

Current Condition: 

My face base routine is normally very sparse. I spend way too much on skin care every day and night to cover everything up with foundation. So when I look for anything skin related, it has to be really thin, almost undetectable, and weightless. I know, tall order for a combination-skinned morena. 

Oh, and that's another thing. Anything Korean usually makes my skin look deathly pale and very unnatural, with a weird pink tint that looks good on the fairer skinned, but very wrong on my warm-toned face. Not to mention that signature dewy look that turns into a greasy mess when you add the heat of the tropics into the equation. 

IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

How I Used It: 

Although unboxing the product was a treat, there was a lot of apprehension before using it. I proceeded to dip the cushion sponge into the product and gently patted it onto my skin until it was covered in an even layer. 

At first I didn't believe it, but after my initial application the finish actually delivered on its promise of staying matte. As for it's texture on the skin, I didn't feel a thing. Upon closer inspection with a hand held mirror, the formula was undetectable, a surprise for me because foundation usually emphasizes any bumpy pores or whiteheads poking from beneath my skin. But what really sealed the deal for me was how the color of the product seemed to melt into my skin and stay true throughout the day. As for coverage, the product won't be able to cover fresh blemish scars or heavy under eye circles, but it did manage to even out my skin tone and blur out my pores.


Then came touch-up time. Keep in mind, I applied the product in the morning before work. Now, usually, by the time lunch rolls around I'm sporting a bit of shine in the center of my face, mostly on my nose and the area right under my eyes. I did a quick mirror check and, to my delight, noticed a slight sheen on the area instead of the usual oily slick. Plus points for oil control! Without blotting the oil away, I retouched the center of my face, dabbing gently with the sponge. Lo and behold, my makeup looked just as flawless as it did when I applied it in the morning, sans the cakey look and feeling you usually expect from retouching your makeup.


I didn't expect to be a fan of cushion compacts after this review, but I think I've finally found the one. If you're oily or combination-skinned and on the hunt for something that's matte, lightweight, and compatible with morena skin, then this is the product for you.