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Review: This Product Gave Me a Long-Lasting Natural Brow

It even sets your brows as you apply!
Review: This Product Gave Me a Long-Lasting Natural Brow
IMAGE Revlon
It even sets your brows as you apply!

What: Revlon Colorstay Brow Crayon

What It Is:

The Colorstay Brow Crayon is a traditional brow pomade in an innovative stick form, coming in a wax formula that dries down to a powder finish. It promises to deliver buildable and blendable color meant to create softly-defined brows for an everyday look.


IMAGE Revlon

Revlon Colorstay Brow Crayon in Soft Brown, P375, Watsons

Current Condition:

I've always been a brow pencil kind of girl. My brow hairs are quite thin, so my brows really need to be filled in to look more defined and darker. I can never get away with just clear brow gel. That said, I do like the look of soft and bushy brows that are polished but not too overdone.

How I Used It:

The first time I used the crayon, I wanted to see how it would do on its own. I started filling in my bare brows as usual, being quite careful since the applicator is quite thick. Immediately, I noticed that it gave me a softer, more-diffused look than how my brow pencil usually does. As I ran the product over my brow hairs, it also deposited a brown tint on my eyebrows and a slight waxy finish like a brow gel.

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IMAGE Nicole Arcano

After using it on its own, I actually liked the look it gave my brows. The finished brow appeared less sparse and more colored in to match my hair color. I reached for it on days when I didn't have time for a defined brow, or whenever I didn't use eyeshadow.


Also, since it has softer pigment, I found that making mistakes isn't such a big deal. You can easily clean up lines with your fingers and brush away harsh lines with an eyebrow spoolie.


Despite being a proud advocate of brow pencils, I think this brow crayon is a great addition to my brow arsenal. It works great for achieving a natural look that actually lasts all day! The formula is super soft and blendable, and the hint of wax defines brow hairs as it sets them. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a quickly-done brow. It's also easy to use even for beginners!

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