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Review: I Got a Permanent Blowdry for Straighter, Smoother Hair Every Day

Yep, there is such a thing.
Review: I Got a Permanent Blowdry for Straighter, Smoother Hair Every Day
IMAGE Design Studio Salon
Yep, there is such a thing.

What: Design Studio Salon's Permanent Blowout, P5000-P8500 (depending on your hair length)

The Permanent Blowout from Design Studio Salon is designed to restore your mane's youthful volume, shine, and texture. It promises incredibly natural-looking straight hair with plenty of bounce and body, plus tangle-free tresses that are more manageable. Fun fact: they're also the only salon in the entire country that's officially licensed to offer this coveted service.

Current Condition:

In a fit of discontentment, I recently dyed my hair black from a hard-to-maintain reddish brown, and my hasty switch sure took its toll. I took a leisurely seat in one of Design Studio's plush, buttery salon chairs and was immediately the subject of scrutiny to a small army of well-trained stylists. One of them held up a dark lock, examined it closely, and said, meeting my eyes in the mirror, "Na-torture po hair niyo madam, ano?" She wasn't wrong. Wiry and parched, my mane was at its worst, and for someone who was once admired for having extremely healthy hair sans effort, it was quite the fall from glory.


The Process:

The formaldehyde-free Permanent Blowout boasts a unique technique that coats your strands in a smooth-straightening solution infused with liquid keratin, and, unlike your traditional, typical rebond, its formula won't stiffen or flatten your hair. Way important for someone like me, whose mane is already naturally thick and heavy! I kept reiterating to Chiara Echiverri, co-founder of Design Studio, that the last thing I wanted was for my notoriously straight hair to deflate, and she promised that no such thing would happen because the stylists are capable of customizing your treatment—for curlier locks, a bigger amount of the straightening agent can be applied, but for me, only a minimum was used. Talk about bespoke.

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Before and after the Permanent Blowout



Ta-da! I get to keep this addictively soft, smooth head for the next eight to 10 months—amazingly, that's how long the Permanent Blowout lasts. I didn't realize exactly just how frizzy my hair used to be up until I compared it to the finished product. Note my use of the word "addictive" in that previous sentence: It's been nearly two weeks since, and I still can't stop touching my hair. I was never actually the type to ever really bother—I'm Preview's resident wash-and-wear gal—and the realization that I can, to a certain degree, be even more carefree now is so refreshing.

That said, there's still the aftercare to think about! Three days of no washing post-treatment was a small price to pay for results this glossy. Also, I've been advised that if I must wash, I should alternate between shampooing and just rinsing with a bit of conditioner. Possibly the best part, though, is that once the two weeks it takes for my hair to "mold" are over, I can curl and style should I want to, and none of it will affect the blowout in the least.


I'm going to go ahead and say that I do recommend the Permanent Blowout to anyone, from girls who want to save time styling before their days begin to low-maintenance ladies simply aiming for more streamlined strands. Even on my naturally straight mane the difference was significant and very much welcome! It's also great for taming damage—imagine the pain your poor hair withstands when you use heat tools on the daily, and the relief it'll breathe when you invest on a Permanent Blowout that'll save it from the usual morning iron sesh. You can literally step out into the world shower-fresh and your hair will dry perfectly on its own! There are no cons here.

Visit Design Studio Salon at 908 G/F Arnaiz Metrobank bldg. A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Rd.), San Lorenzo Village, Makati City, or dial them at (02) 899 9977.

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