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Review: This Brightening Serum Helped Fade My Acne Scars

Review: This Brightening Serum Helped Fade My Acne Scars
IMAGE Mary Kay
It's quite hydrating, too!

What: Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum

What it is: A brightening serum that promises clearer, more radiant, and luminous skin. It has Mary Kay's most innovative complex to date, the MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous Complex, which is a blend of edelweiss extract, algae extract, and vegetable amino acids. Other key ingredients include hexylresorcinol (prevents accumulation of pigment on the surface of the skin), maritime pine, and white birch extract (melanin inhibitors).

IMAGE Mary Kay

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum, P1880,

Current Condition:

After dealing with severe acne for around a year and half, my skin was left with quite a lot of scarring. Most of these came in the form of dark pigmentation that usually takes around six months to fade. Because of this, I've tried my fair share of scar-fading treatments and serums to help my skin. Unfortunately, none have impressed me. Many have even broke me out.


I decided to try this serum from Mary Kay mostly because of the ingredients list. I didn't spot anything possibly irritating, plus it has my favorite ingredient, niacinamide, in the top 10. If you haven't heard of niacinamide, it's a great ingredient for restoring skin vitality. But mostly, it can help lighten skin discoloration and tone down signs of aging.

How I Used It:

Right after toning my skin, I used two pumps of the serum for my face and neck. The product is quite runny but not watery, so it's very easy to spread it evenly. Upon application, it provides a light layer of hydration that dries down after a minute. This means I don't need to wait too long to apply my moisturizer, which is very convenient for when I'm in a rush.

After using it twice a day for around three weeks, I noticed that a lot of my surface scarring had faded considerably. Mind you, I've had acne and scars for years, so I know how long my scars need to fade. That said, three weeks is an incredibly short amount of time for me.

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While I didn't see a dramatic difference with this serum, the results were pretty obvious. Because about a month in, I noticed that I've been using less concealer over my scars than I was used to. My skin was visibly more radiant and I was pleasantly surprised! It also didn't cause any irritation whatsoever on my acne-prone skin, which is always a big plus!


For anyone who suffers from frequent breakouts, I think having a brightening serum like this in your routine is essential. Not only will it save you from using harsh peels and exfoliants, it'll give you the gradual yet obvious results you need in a reasonable amount of time. It's great for maintaining an even, glowing complexion as well, no matter your skin type.

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