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Review: I Found a P180 Liquid Matte Lipstick That Actually Lasts All Day

Review: I Found a P180 Liquid Matte Lipstick That Actually Lasts All Day
And you can buy it from the drugstore, too!

"Never judge a beauty product by its price tag" is a mantra that I sort of live by. Which is why, during my obsessive liquid lipstick phase, I practically picked up everything that's available on the market—and I happen to come across a local brand retailing it for less than P200. 

What: Ever Bilena Advance LTD Liquid Matte Lipstick, P180, Watsons

What it is: A long-lasting liquid lipstick from Ever Bilena Advance that comes in 12 shades and can be bought in department stores, convenience stores, and drugstores nationwide.


IMAGE Jason Cayacap

These are 10 out of the 12 shades available. Jet Setter and Private Beach are not in photo.

Current condition:

My lips tend to be dry and I'm a chronic lip balm user before applying lipstick. I actually love liquid matte formulations for their staying power; the thought of almost no re-application during a busy day out is comforting and reassuring. The tricky part though is finding one that does not flake off nor dry out your lips. So far, I've tried liquid mattes from MAC, NYX, OFRA, Kylie Cosmetics, ColourPop, Sleek, Maybelline, and Happy Skin

How I used it:

I always road test my liquid matte lipsticks and grade the quality based on the following: (1) times I need to reapply; (2) the overall feel on my lips, (3) if they're pigmented enough to stay on after meals (contact with an oily substance) and drinking water, and; (4) if my lips have chapped at the end of the day. 

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I tried the nude, red, and dark shades from Ever Bilena Advance LTD Liquid Matte Lipsticks' color range, wary of the fact that sometimes the quality of the product differs depending on the shade. I've actually experienced buying multiple shades of liquid lipsticks from one brand, and the lighter shades glide easier and stay longer compared to the darker onesor vice versa.


IMAGE Jason Cayacap

I swatched 11 out of the 12 shades (Private Beach is the only one missing here). This is also how the product looks when freshly applied so there's still a glossy sheen.

Right out of the tube, you can tell that the formulation is pretty thick and more like mousse. A single swipe is actually enough to cover and fully tint your lips. The lighter shades tend to glide on a little patchy, but since it's highly pigmented, the unevenness isn't so obvious. A second coating pretty much also resolves this to make one even coat. The product does take a while to set, especially if you prepped with lip balm first. But once it dries, it's super matte and barely leaves any transfer when you blot. 


IMAGE Jason Cayacap

This shade is called Jet Setter and is my favorite among the 12 shades available.

IMAGE Jason Cayacap

You can barely see any trace of lipstick when you blot once it's completely dry. 

What I really noticed is the fact that this lippie did not budge. Even after eating something as oily as, let's say, pizza or pasta, there is only a need to reapply on the inner part of the lips. The formulation did feel heavy; it was rather non-sticky and velvetyas if your lips were literally sealed with the product. The quality also is generally the same no matter the shade. The darker tones are just slightly more pigmented, leaving a more visible stain.



For P180, it's such a steal! It's one of those liquid lippies I can really rely on if I don't want constant touch-ups and mirror checks. Oddly enough, it's also not overtly drying, and I really like that it's non-sticky! The downside would probably be the drying time and the tendency to flake if you put on too much product. But overall, it's wearable and definitely worth a try. You can buy it almost anywhere, too! 

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