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Review: I Went Chemical-Free With My Skin Care and Here's What Happened

Read this if you've been wanting to go all natural on your beauty routine, too!
Review: I Went Chemical-Free With My Skin Care and Here's What Happened
IMAGE Grace Cosmetics
Read this if you've been wanting to go all natural on your beauty routine, too!

What: Grace Cosmetics Skin Trial Kit

What it is:

Grace Cosmetics is an Australian brand new to the Philippines, and they're known for their all-natural and organic skin care. Their products aim to enhance the skin's appearance and influence its internal functions with natural and botanical bio-active ingredients. The trial kit contains six products for a complete skin care routine: three from their Aloe Vera line, and three for anti-aging. 

IMAGE Grace Cosmetics

Aloe Foaming Cleanser (P1800); Infiniti Facial Scrub with AHAs (P2690), Aloe pH Freshener (P1590); 95% Aloe Hydrating Gel (P1950); Infiniti-C Moisturizer (P2750); Wrinkle Solution with Marine Collagen (P3950),

Current Condition: 

I have oily, acne-prone, and dehyrated skin. My skin tends to react to products easily, so I wanted to take a break from chemical-ridden products. And as if on cue, I was given this regimen to try.

Throughout this trial process, I was aiming to aid my dehydrated skin and to heal some active breakouts. The combination of anti-aging skin care and aloe vera in the kit was a great match, since the former usually works well with hydration, while the latter calms down acne-prone skin. So even as an all-natural skeptic, I definitely had high hopes for this line.

How I Used It:

I used all six products from the brand for around two weeks. Everything, except the facial scrub and wrinkle solution, were used twice every day. I exfoliated with the scrub in two-day intervals and used the wrinkle solution solely at night. Here are my thoughts on each of the products:

Aloe Foaming Cleanser - The first thing I noticed about this product is the weak foam it creates. That might be good or bad for some people, but I don't mind either as long as the cleanser is in the right pH. And being someone who's used to a pH level of 5.5 in cleansers, this one didn't feel too drying and stripping on my skin. It also smells quite pleasant, like scented talcum powder. I prefer using this as a morning cleanser since it's more refreshing than deep cleansing.


Infiniti Facial Scrub With AHAs - This product explicitly states that it's not for acne-prone skin, and that might be because AHA is a strong exfoliating acid. I still used it though, and I didn't expect it to be so creamy. Rubbing the product on my face felt like applying a beaded cleansing oil all over. And speaking of the beads, they were very small and not too abrasive. My skin felt a lot smoother after! Most of my dry patches were scrubbed away.

Aloe pH Freshener - I used this product as a balancing toner to restore my skin's natural pH after cleansing. It comes in a spray bottle which is convenient like a mist, although it didn't provide the same moisture. That said, I didn't skip it because it's important to balance your skin pH before applying other products.

Aloe Hydrating Gel - Like the freshener, this is more of a skin balancing product than a moisturizer. I didn't find this to be hydrating enough for my oily, dehydrated skin. It did, however, work well as a primer for my other moisturizers since aloe is a great soothing ingredient. I found myself using this randomly for dry patches on my body, too.

Infiniti-C Moisturizer - I'm 20 years old, so anti-aging skin care is more preventive than anything. This cream is supposed to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity, which are claims I unfortunately cannot vouch for. But, it did provide my skin with ample moisture and vitamins like Vitamin A and E. The light cream didn't feel heavy on the skin either even if I used it on top of the hydrating gel. It also gave me a soft glow without looking oily!

Wrinkle Solution with Marine Collagen - Again, more preventive anti-aging skin care. I mainly focused this product around my eyes, smile lines, and neck where the first signs of skin aging appear. It was as leightweight as the Infiniti-C moisturizer so layering them on top of each other wasn't a problem.



My number one takeaway from this skin regimen is how unbothered I was about breaking out the entire time. I'm not saying that you'll never break out from natural products, which you can, but I just couldn't bring myself to worry. Ingredient-obsessed me just loved how Grace Cosmetics breaks down all the contents of their products in a glossary, then states their sources and functions. I didn't have doubts about what I was putting on my face. So if you like ingredient transparency, an all-natural routine might be for you.

However, I have to say that a purely natural skin care routine isn't for me. I'm just too adventurous with skin care, and I don't think all chemicals are out to ruin my complexion. In fact, I might be switching back to my old routine once I finish the samples, but I will keep using some of these products. The foaming cleanser and hydrating gel are for keeps! As for the anti-aging creams, I'll probably go back to them in a few years.

When it came to helping with dehydration and breakouts, I think the products helped with both to a certain extent. Layering the moisturizers over each other gave my skin enough moisture to last the day, while the aloe toned down redness from acne. I didn't notice a dramatic difference, but that might be due to being on the regimen for only two weeks. If there's anything I learned from the experience, it's that natural skin care is very interesting! I'll definitely try more products from Grace Cosmetics and other all-natural brands to expand my horizons.

I can recommend this skin regimen to anyone without problematic skin. If you just need something basic to maintain clear skin, you'll find this incredibly convenient. Those with normal to combination/oily skin will probably enjoy this the most! Again, it has all-natural with well-curated ingredients, so it's unlikely you'll go wrong with this brand.