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Review: This Hair Brush Helped Me Reduce Hair Fall and Breakage

Review: This Hair Brush Helped Me Reduce Hair Fall and Breakage
No more bad hair days.

What: Goody Ouchless Cushion Brush

What it is:

According to Goody, the Ouchless Cushion Brush contains FlexGlide bristles that aim to detangle hair without breaking strands. It reports a 55% decrease in hair breakage, based on laboratory tests. The brush's bristles also come with ball tips that are supposedly gentler on the scalp. Lastly, for comfortable brushing, the brush has a flexible cushion pad that aims to help detangle hair sans the tears.




Goody Ouchless Cushion Brush, P999.75, SM Makati

Current Condition:

Despite having straight hair that's naturally tame, I suffer from a number of issues. First, there's hair fall. Every time I wash my hair, especially when I use conditioner, dozens of strands just detach from my scalp. I know hair fall is normal, but I'm certain that I'm on another level. Brushing my hair post-showering only makes it worse, since my hair groups into impossible knots that cause more hair fall and breakage whenever I brush.

Normally, I use a paddle brush for gentler brushing. This proved to be much better for me than wide-toothed combs and regular hair brushes since it does the job faster with less tugging. But, I've always wondered if I could find something better.

How I Used It:

My first impression on this brush wasn't that good. I thought the bristles are too far apart, so I doubted how that would be of help. But boy, was I wrong.

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When I used it for the first time on wet hair, I was astounded by how well it worked—no exaggeration. The brush barely got caught in the knots in my hair; in fact, it slid right through. Brushing through the rest of my hair sections was also a breeze. I barely noticed any strands falling to their untimely deaths. My usual 20 (or more) went down to 10 or less. Best of all, my brushing routine that day was shortened by around two minutes.

Of course, I tried it on bad hair days, too. Whenever my hair was a jungle of knots, I took it for a spin. This is where the brush's "ouchless" claim proved itself. While the bristles did get caught in tangles, I didn't find myself wincing and pulling like I would with my paddle brush. The amount of space among the bristles and the slippery material in Ouchless allowed for easier retrieval that prevents breakage.


When I accidentally misplaced it for a week, the switch back to my old hair brush was a bit of a nightmare. It gave me a volume of hair fall I wasn't used to anymore, to the point where I considered finger combing. Fortunately, I found my Ouchless brush and everything was right again.


Overall, Goody's Ouchless Cushion Brush is a great option for those with similar hair issues as me. The layout and material of the bristles allow for easier brushing that won't pull too hard on your scalp and cause hair fall. And the same goes for breakage. It's perhaps one of the most hassle-free hair brushes I've tried.

However, one con to is that it won't be as useful for hairstyling. Your hair won't look significantly shinier after brushing either, although it's the first step towards a good hair day. That said, its abilities to destress and detangle make it an amazing everyday brush.


So would I go back to using my paddle brush? For daily brushing, probably not. My old favorite is now solely for giving my locks some extra shine.

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