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Review: Fitbit Alta

The fashion girl's fitness gadget.
Review: Fitbit Alta The fashion girl's fitness gadget.

What: Fitbit Alta , P6479

A wristband that logs in your activity by counting your steps, reminds you to keep moving, and keeps track of your fitness progress.

What it is:

Not only does it keep a daily log of how many steps you take, it also monitors your active minutes, takes note of how many calories you've burned, even tracks your sleep patterns so you can make the most out of snooze time.  

A sleek look scores major plus points for this gadget. Unlike most smartwatches that can sometimes overwhelm a wrist (not to mention look terribly functional), the thin, bangle-like shape can easily be mistaken for an intentional accessory. Not only that, interchangable straps in a wide array of colors allow the user to switch it up without having to worry about coordination. 



Current Condition: 

I think I can say that I'm a fairly active person. I try my best to work out at least three to four times a week, I surf on the weekends, and go for a run when I can. Suffice to say, I was psyched when I found an easy way to log my workouts.  

How I Used It:

No complicated setups here—all you have to do it charge it, download the Fitbit app, and start moving. During my first day I spent my time firmly planted in my office chair, and every hour I spent in that chair my Fitbit reminded me that I wasn't moving enough. I'd be scrolling through Facebook and I'd feel a little vibration from my wristband telling me to, "Go, go, go! 250 more steps to go!" It felt so futuristic having a little device tell you to get up and start moving, but it motivated me to log in more steps just to satisfy my insistent wristband. 

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I wore it everyday for a month, which was really easy to do considering the device is a watch, too. Though I didn't wear it to sleep, I'd wear it every waking moment to get the most accurate reading for the day. I especially loved that I was sent two strap options to play with—a muted pink leather band for my neutral ensembles and a teal rubber band for working out in. 


Truthfully, the device made me really competitive. I'd wear it to every single workout, trying to outmatch my stats. Sometimes, I'd even opt to walk or ride a bike to get to places right outside my village just to log in more activity. But most days it told me just how inactive a person can be when they're stuck in an office. Some days I'd sit for hours on end without getting up from my chair because I was editing articles or browsing the web. The numbers on my daily progress chart were as different as night and day when you compared my active and inactive days. 


It is good to note that although the Fitbit is sweat, shower, and rain proof, it isn't swim proof. I skipped out on logging in some active days because I couldn't wear it in the water. Some days I'd be tired from surfing all day, but had nothing to show for it since the activity couldn't be recorded. The wristband's sensitivity could also use some tweaking. For the time to show up, you need to flip your wrist (the action you do when you check your wristwatch) and the face displays the time. It isn't as sensitive as I thought it was so sometimes the watch would need multiple wrist flips before I could see the time. Also, if you lift weights, the Fitbit doesn't record that as exercise. I was livid after one particularly exhausting gym session, when the activity didn't even register as exercise on my Fitbit app. But the next day I walked to the bank and it was categorized as exercise.  


Overall, I'd say the Fitbit Alta is for the fitness conscious fashion girl who just wants to keep track of her movements. I wouldn't recommend this for serious fitness buffs or athletes (mostly because I am definitely not one) because there are more serious watches on the market with all the bells and whistles like tracking your heart rate, distance, and GPS tracking. But if you're a fitness newbie or just want to stay active at the most basic level, then this one's it. 

The Fitbit Alta is available at Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, select Toby's stores, Globe, Lazada, Zalora, Timeline, the Inbox Store, iLiberty, and Rnnr stores.

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