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Review: This Makeup Remover Can Protect Your Skin from Pollution

It's moisturizing, too!
Review: This Makeup Remover Can Protect Your Skin from Pollution
IMAGE Mark Buenaobra/Chanel
It's moisturizing, too!

What It Is: Chanel Le Lait Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk-to-Oil

Le Lait is a part of Chanel's new line of cleansers that promise to break down makeup, skincare, and pollution particles. For further protection, it’s infused with blue micro-algae that shields skin cells from the negative effects of pollution, as well as marine salicornia to keep the skin moisturized and build the skin’s resilience.

The product claims to transform from milky to oily, gently cleansing the skin and leaving it soft and supple. Despite the oily formula, it doesn't leave a greasy film on the skin after rinsing.


IMAGE Chanel

CHANEL Le Lait Chanel Le Lait Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk-to-Oil, P2650, Rustan's

Current Condition:

Even though I have oily skin, I’m a huge fan of cleansing oils as a makeup remover. I use everything from regular oils, to balm types, to cold creams, but this product claims to be that and more. Its promise to protect the skin against pollution is also a plus in my book, because who doesn't want to be shielded from that?

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How I Used It:

To remove a full face of makeup, I dispensed four full pumps of the product into my palm. The texture is more creamy than milky, like a thick moisturizer, making it a breeze to spread all over the skin. It has a slight scent to it as well, but nothing too strong or distracting even for my fragrance-sensitive self.

After, I gently massage the cream using my fingertips. Chanel recommends applying it on the face first, and saving the eyelids, lips, and eyelashes for last. Doing this, the cream will turn into an oil-like layer within a few seconds, and the longer you massage, the more makeup it breaks down. However, I’d say the consistency is more similar to a cold cream than a cleansing oil.

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Like regular cleansing oils, I emulsified the product by massaging a bit of water on my skin before rinsing. Doing this thins out the oil into a milky texture that can easily be washed off with water along with the rest of my makeup. From my experiece, it's able to remove longwearing liquid lipsticks, matte foundations, and waterproof eyeliner.

Taking the oil off was surprisingly quick and easy. Emulsifying it with water beforehand really helps, too! My skin felt so soft after, almost as if I just moisturized. But because I usually double cleanse, following up with a facial wash removes that creamy after-feel, which could be a good thing if you prefer feeling squeaky clean.


Other than being an effective makeup remover, using this product was almost therapeautic as well. The consistency was smooth enough to give my face a massage for better circulation, while the oil does its job of breaking everything down. It might not be the quickest at getting the job done, but I think this is a great product to have around if you're looking for something that will relax you after a long day. This is the kind of makeup remover that could work for any skin type, provided that it's used as the first step to a thorough double cleansing routine. Lastly, the fact that it protects the skin from environmental stress makes it all the more worth the splurge.

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