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I Tried Brow Lamination and It Gave Me the Feathery Brows of My Dreams

Wake up with brushed up and feathery brows every day!
I Tried Brow Lamination and It Gave Me the Feathery Brows of My Dreams
IMAGE Steph Sison
Wake up with brushed up and feathery brows every day!

I was not born with a perfect set of brows. My natural arches have gaps and sparse spots. I have to draw on my ideal brows every single day, which trust me, can feel so dragging to do especially when you've not much time on your hands. So, I've always been interested in brow-enhancing treatments that will let me skip this part of my morning routine. I've been mulling over microblading but I don't think I'm ready with the kind of commitment it demands. A little more internet research here and there, and I've stumbled upon brow lamination. Could it be the brow treatment for me? Browhaus, the first and only salon that offers it in the country, has all the answers!

What: Browhaus Brow Lamination, P5,800

Brow lamination is a brow perm that lifts, sets, and styles your brows to hide small gaps for a fuller, thicker appearance that can last up to four weeks. It's a non-invasive treatment that will give you feathery brows that looks good even without makeup.

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Browhaus

Brow Lamination, P5800, BROWHAUS, TriNoma

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Current Condition:

I regularly have my brows groomed and fill them in every day for work. But, when the quarantine and lockdown started, I have to admit that I was not the best in maintaining them anymore—in fact, I gave up on putting on makeup all together. Suffice to say, I have not had my brows threaded for almost a year. I've only drawn them in for virtual meetings where cameras are required to be on. Hence, they are often unruly and, well, untamed.

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I've heard about brow lamination because I live on the internet, and I know they're not actually available yet in the country. If you wanted a more permanent solution to taming your brows, you're only left with microblading—a beauty treatment that I am intrigued by but scared to try. Upon learning that brow lamination is finally being offered locally by Browhaus, I knew I just had to try it! Who knows? It might be the best alternative to microblading that I've been waiting for.

How It Went:

The procedure takes a little less than hour but can last you up to a whole month. It's also non-invasive and painless, two major details that appealed to me in my quest for pretty brows.

So, when I arrived at Browhaus, I laid down on the beauty chair and let the technician do magic on my eyebrows. She explained to me well the three-step process. First, your brows are prepped with a cream before getting brushed upwards. But, don't think it's mindless brushing. The technician strategically brushes your eyebrow hair upwards at the head of your brow, then ever so slightly, her strokes get slanted as she brushes the hair from the arch to the tail of the brow. the technician explained that this technique is done to fill in the small gaps and to define your arches without having to trim any of your eyebrow hair. So, the more hair you have on, the more hair she can distribute and perm.


Once you're happy with the look, it's time for the second step: Putting on a neutralizing cream to keep them in place. The third step is to moisturize and style your brows. An undercoat is swept and brushed through your brows to style them in the best way possible and to nourish your delicate eyebrow hair post-perming. Et voilà! You're all set!


As you've seen in my before and after photos above, my brows looked limp and have a few sparse spots that I usually have to fill in manually. The brow lamination did wonders to them after, perming my fine eyebrow hairs into feathery arches that no longer exposed my gaps.


I have to say that this treatment saved me a good 10 minutes from my usual makeup routine and I don't really have to sigh in frustration if I don't draw them on right. All I have to do is brush them diligently every day before and after sleep and they will stay feathery and tamed for up to four weeks. Finally, I can go on grocery runs without having to do my brows at all!

A few days have gone by since I had the treatment done and I am still pleased every time I see myself in the mirror when I wake up. They remained brushed up and in their best feathery arches—a dream come true! However, if I were to upgrade it further, I would go have it tinted darker so they look bushier and fuller even more. Nonetheless, you can consider me a happy duck not needing makeup to have the best feathery brows ever!


You can book your own brow lamination session via Browhaus hotline 09178827697 or online via and the Browhaus app on iOS and Android.

Brow Lamination is available at the following Browhaus following branches: Serendra, Greenbelt 5, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Trinoma, Powerplant Mall, Lucky Chinatown Mall, and S Maison Mall (opening by Feb 2021).

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