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Return To Innocence

Gentle, careful, pain-free beauty.
Return To Innocence Gentle, careful, pain-free beauty.

If it's best for baby, then it's good enough for us—we're actually finding this true even decades after the babycare market hit the big time. In fact, many of us ourselves have grown up to a handful of these tender-loving, child-centric labels: tear-free shampoo, hypoallergenic soap and fragrance-free talcum powder, all of which, aside from being the most conscientious kinds on hand, were also staples beside our shower rubber duckies. A baby-safe formulation means instant trust from mom, and once they're sold, convincing the rest of the world is a cinch.

Now it looks like the wellness campaign has hit the mainstream: aside from being more eco-centric, most adult-marketed beauty products have now upped their own safety grades by nixing known irritants and other potentially toxic ingredients altogether. From the use of natural extracts to a high-tech skin cream that works with, and not against, skin conditions, it looks that these guys have their bases covered. This is the one time regressing to our childhood is a very, very good thing indeed.

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor