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A Morning Kiss Can Affect Your Mood the Entire Day, According to Research

A Morning Kiss Can Affect Your Mood the Entire Day, According to Research You better not have bad breath in the morning.

Facts say that a simple morning kiss not only floods the brain with positive energy, it also influences your overall mood for the entire day. Further research backs it up by revealing that 94% of couples who do this every day rates their relationship significantly higher than those who don't.

But what if you have the same problem as Mean Girls' Cady a.k.a. Lindsay Lohan?

If it was only as easy as brushing your teeth before going to sleep, then it wouldn't be an issue, right? Thing is, most brands of toothpaste and mouth wash promise to kill bacteria even when you’re asleep, but not all can actually deliver. So far, we’ve only really tried one that really works. (People are even calling it the kiss or the couple toothpaste!) Introducing, Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste.


Dentiste is made with 14 natural extracts that work overtime even while you're in deep slumber. 

Whether you have someone to kiss in the morning is not the issue. Regardless of who you wake up next to, don't you want a minty fresh morning to start your day? That in itself is enough to make you smile and send positive energy to your brain. Go ahead, try it and see how a simple change in your nighttime routine can alter your mornings forever. 

Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste is available in Watson’s, S&R, PCX, Mercury Drug and other major supermarkets nationwide. 

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