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Rei Germar Opens Up About the Cosmetic Procedures She Has Done

"This is something I wholeheartedly want and this is something that will give joy to me."
Rei Germar Opens Up About the Cosmetic Procedures She Has Done
IMAGE Instagram/reigermar
"This is something I wholeheartedly want and this is something that will give joy to me."

More and more famous personalities are revealing their beauty secrets to the public, even when it involves needle pokes and surgery. It's proof that we're well on our way to breaking the stigma on cosmetic procedures, in fact, even stars who deny plastic surgery rumors have expressed positive stances on the topic.

Social media has definitly been crucial to helping break the stigma around cosmetic enhancements, but we can't solely credit our progress to celebrities. Vloggers and influencers, who share their daily lives online, are as—if not more—open about the procedures they do on their face. Many go as far as documenting the entire process on their accounts, which obviously sets them apart from simply admitting you got work done.

One of the social media personalities who do this without fail is YouTuber Rei Germar. For the past few years, Rei has documented getting lip fillers and botox, as well as several treatments that she received in Korea. Her latest procedure, however, was done locally, and it might just be her most transformative one so far.

rei germar on cosmetic procedures
PHOTO BY Instagram/reigermar

In her latest vlog, Rei took her audience with her to a thread lift appointment. This service involves injecting protein threads into the face to give it a (you guessed it) more lifted and contoured look, which has always been one of Rei's concerns. That said, before the session, the vlogger opened up about why she personally gets procedures done and relayed an important message to her viewers.


"I am in no way encouraging you to change something about yourself," she starts. "I don't want social media to appear as if it's pressuring you to change something about yourself."

"But you know me, I bring you guys to literally everything that I do and this is something na I wholeheartedly want and this is something that will give joy to me. And I am all for enhancement and I'm comfortable doing it."

Rei had her thread lift done by none other than Dr. Vicki Belo herself. The results were almost immediate, and Rei's supportive boyfriend Miggy noticed the difference right away, too!

rei germar gets a thread lift from dr vicki belo
Rei Germar receiving a thread lift treatment from Dr. Vicki Belo.
PHOTO BY Youtube/Rei Germar
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rei germar's thread lift results
Rei before and after her thread lift treatment.
PHOTO BY Youtube/Rei Germar

The setting for the treatment was strikingly similar to Rei's cosmetic procedure experience in South Korea in 2019. There, the vlogger documented getting an ultrasound laser to define her face shape, a fat reduction injection (or Tok Tok injection), and a baby collagen injection to add fullness to her undereyes.

rei germar getting cosmetic injections done in south korea
Rei receiving a "Tok Tok" or fat-reducing injection at a clinic in South Korea.
PHOTO BY Youtube/Rei Germar

Rei's audience seems incredibly supportive of her decision, and it definitely looks like this won't be the last procedure she'll be trying. Do you think more influencers should be open about their cosmetic enhancements? Let us know in the comments!

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