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This Eyebrow Gel Can Fill in Your Brows with Realistic Hair

This Eyebrow Gel Can Fill in Your Brows with Realistic Hair

The beauty world really never runs out of surprises. Although we've been resigned to the idea of using brow pencils and pens forever, this brand comes out and releases an eyebrow product that—wait for it—fills in your brows with realistic brow hairs.

Korean brand Reallyyy!?'s brow gel isn't one that you simply brush through your strands. The product is actually made up of black fibers, ones that actually look like hair. It comes with a brush, too, which you can use to place the fibers onto any sparse areas. Watch Vogue Korea's demo of it below!


When used right, it's a promising product for those with big gaps in their brows. It's probably not best for applying all over your arches, though, with the possibility of the product getting clumpy when placed all over. YouTuber Tina Yong can attest to this, and you can see her full review of the gel here:

Its odd concept aside, these extensions might just work for testing out new brow shapes without the hassle. Imagine not having to grow out your brows just to change up your look!

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