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Read Our Lips: The Truth About The Shape Of Your Pouts

Let's do a bit of lip syncing, shall we?
Read Our Lips: The Truth About The Shape Of Your Pouts Let's do a bit of lip syncing, shall we?

To start off, grab your most vibrant lipstick, slather on a generous amount on your pouts, and kiss a tissue paper. Now look at the chart below and find your lip shape.

We bet you didn’t know that there are over 10 different lip shapes (we think there might even be more that we don’t know about) that humans are born with. Our lips are an essential component of our face, so today we say, why not learn more about them? The chart is fun, especially “e-motion-al” for those ladies who are too busy laughing, talking, or pouting to even get a decent lip imprint on a piece of tissue. But more importantly, we’ve done some research and found out that your lip shape can actually say something about your personality. Whether you have full puckers like Anne Curtis or Angelina Jolie-Pitt, wide smiles like Anne Hathaway or Julia Roberts, or thin lips like Emma Stone or Kim Chiu, there seems to be some sort of correlation to your personality. See below.



LIP SHAPES: Peanut lips, Permanent pucker, Perfect imprint, and Coke lips

POUT PERSONALITY: Women with full lips are said to be the most confident.

WE SAY: Well, if you have lips that do not need injections or plumpers, there’s no reason not to be confident, right?

LIP TIP: No need to go all out contour with a lip liner; you don’t need it. And oh! You might want to tone it down on the gloss department, you don’t want to make them plumper than they already are.


LIP SHAPES: Rope lips, Permanent smirk, Silent type

POUT PERSONALITY: Women with wide lips are said to be the friendliest and often called the life of the party. While those with thin lips are tagged as shy and reserved.

WE SAY: Combine the two and you have the perfect lips for eating a juicy burger! We kid, we kid. But seriously, you are the best of both worlds, shy but friendly. You don’t need perfect pouts to be Miss Congeniality.

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LIP TIP: Play with vivid colors that will give your pouts more dimension and try to stay away from dark hues such as browns or purples because they tend to emphasize the thinness even more. The lip gloss can also be your new BFF.


LIP SHAPES: Lip bite, Reversed smile, Pouty Mouth, (possibly) E-motion-al

POUT PERSONALITY: They say that women with thick upper lips are outspoken, while those with thicker lower lips are secretive

WE SAY:  You’re a lip-biter so you’re either a seductress or simply expressive. Either way, do know that your lip imperfection makes you extremely attractive.

LIP TIP: Make use of a pencil liner to augment the thinner lip into matching the thicker lip. Just remember the rules when using a lip pencil so you don’t end up overdoing it. 

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