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Raymond Gutierrez Loses 40 Pounds! [updated]

The editor and television host on why he's celebrated his best birthday yet.
Raymond Gutierrez Loses 40 Pounds! [updated] The editor and television host on why he's celebrated his best birthday yet.

Sometimes all we need is a little help from our friends. In Raymond Gutierrez's case, it was thanks to constant prodding (and sometimes nagging) from his good friend Georgina Wilson that he decided to make a change in lifestyle.

Introducing him to her Belo family and the new holistic fat-reduction center headed by Cristalle Belo-Henares, Sexy Solutions, Georgina showed her friend the latest way to keep the pounds off. And while it may have taken a while to get the television host to try the program, it didn't take much to make him stay.


"I was pretty shocked nung first kong pumunta sa Sexy Solutions in Makati. I think it was two inches on the top midsection and two inches in the bottom part, So a total of four (inches lost) nung first time!"

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The Sexy Solution program is hinged on non-invasive machines that eliminate fat. Lipo Cavitation uses low frequency ultrasound to break down the fat, Multi Firm employs radiofrequency to melt the fat while Body Sculpt exercises the muscle layer to firm the skin. In-house nutritionist and Biggest Loser Philippines mainstay Nadine Tengco is also available for consultation at the centers to allow you to customize your weightloss plan and to prescribe natural weight-loss pills or her special concoction, the Fat Flush drink to aid in keeping the inches off. 

"Diet and exercise are very important, siyempre yun yung partner mo, but ang Sexy Solutions kasi is for those areas na kailangan mo talaga ng help. I think diet and exercise can only do so much. Like my mid-section, I've struggled with it for so long and that's really been the focus of this whole campaign with Sexy Solutions and I'm here to announce that I've lost seven inches in my mid-section so it's time for a new wardrobe!," he ecstatically announced. While he's still too afraid to step onto a scale, the staff tells him his total weight loss has been in between 30 to 40 pounds. 


"I think its no shock naman that I struggled with weightloss, nakikita niyo naman every Sunday, and ang [updates ko sa] Twitter feed, nakikita niyo naman ang mga lait sa akin before." Reception from fans and viewers thus far has exceeded his expectations, "Everyone seems to be nicer to you, pleasant ang dating ng mga tao, so salamat sa mga Twitter haters ko...wala na sila sa life ko!, he joked 

Celebrating his birthday just last week, Raymond notes shared why this year marks a major milestone. "Nothing can really beat this birthday present. I think this is the best birthday I've ever had because I have my old self back."

Watch Raymond Gutierrez for Sexy Solutions in the video below:


To book an appointment at Sexy Solutions, see the Salon and Spa Directory