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Rainbow Hair Was Always in Fashion

Well, would you look at hue!
Rainbow Hair Was Always in Fashion Well, would you look at hue!

Have you ever wondered whoever thought it was cute to have rainbow hair? We don’t know who either, but everybody’s on it, and I was recently convinced myself. I did a little researching on where/how/why alternative (read: non-human) hair color began to sprout, but to get to that I had to start at the beginning.

It’s still a little strange and cool to think hair color has been around since 1500 BC, although it came as no surprise that the ancient Egyptian women got first dibs, using henna – they are ancestors (by soul) of all dedicated beauty girls, after all! Somewhere in another empire, however, Romans decreed blonde hair should mark all prostitutes. But then, people everywhere were like, hey girl I want to go flaxen, too. The rest, they say, is history. Well, not exactly. Between Roman blonde thotties, Hayley Williams, and a certain blue-haired Jenner were the OG hair-dyed girls who started trends. 


Hair Chalk Pre-Coachella 

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In Marie Antoinette’s 18th century, powdered hair wigs were just the thing. Pretty harmless thus far, and women of wealth consequently adapted it. 

Platinum Blonde

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When Jean Harlow came into fame in the ‘30s, girls everywhere tried to achieve that Harlow Gold but walked out of the hairdressers all swollen-eyed, blistered at the forehead, and with massive headaches from the ammonia-laced solutions. No pain for the vain, I suppose…

Keeping it Real 


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In the '50s-'60s, Clairol and L’Oréal gained popularity, as they made color safer and easier to use. All bottled, women everywhere could finally dye at home, only, around this time they would admit to artificial color as easily as girls today would admit getting their nose done over the holidays. But!


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Strangely enough, this was also the time real pastel colors were invented. Because, you know, they had to match their kitchens. Remember Frenchy and her pink hair from Grease? Rumor has it that she had a dyeing mishap—her hair was supposed to be copper—but it could also be a wig. She was going to beauty school, right?

And if ever you’re planning to go blonde/red/orange/yellow/green/blue/violet/indigo, these girls we love have got it down pat. 

Sanya Smith sports pastel-tinted teal.

While The Girl and the Bull's Thea de Rivera gives us an electrifying hue.

Janine Gutierrez sizzles in red.

While Andi Eigenmann tries out multi-colored highlights.   

Lastly, who could forget Arci Muñoz's My Little Pony-inspired mane? Rainbow Dash would be proud.

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