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You Won't Believe How Fast This Woman Can Change Her Hairstyle

You Won't Believe How Fast This Woman Can Change Her Hairstyle
IMAGE Mark Buenaobra

Do you remember watching those magic shows in which the performer would do a quick change of outfit inside a curtain? Well, we think we just found another version of it, except this one involves hairstyles and comes with zero optical illusions. And mind you, it has already garnered over 30 million views on Facebook as of writing!

In the video, a Thai woman appears to be demonstrating a hair accessory at a bazaar (luckily, her hairstyling skills do not require any language translations). She starts the demo by using the hair comb to create a sleek updo in less than 15 seconds, which she then releases to do a half-up, half-down style that's instantly wedding-appropriate—this also took her less than 15 seconds.

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IMAGE FACEBOOK/kruingofficial

The rest of the video seemed to have flown by thereafter, with her changing hairstyle after hairstyle using accessories in different designs and with various functions. She even managed to use extensions! Needless to say, it was the most jam-packed five-minute hair tutorial we've ever seen.

Other viewers seem to feel the same way. One comment says, "You make it look so easy! I could probably spend an hour what you do in 25 seconds and it still wouldn't look right." To which, the the uploader replied with the best advice: "Practice!"

Watch the video below and see for yourself!

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