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5 Common Quarantine Beauty Struggles and How to Fix Them

Are your lash extensions shedding?
5 Common Quarantine Beauty Struggles and How to Fix Them
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Are your lash extensions shedding?

With all our go-to beauty services closed and experts unavailable until further notice, it's safe to say that the enhanced community quarantine has inevitably left us to our own devices. But don't fret, because most of the beauty struggles we face at home have a solution (albeit temporary) that could get you through the lockdown. Ahead, we present five you might be experiencing right now and the best ways to deal with them:

1. Long bangs, Long hair

A month into the lockdown, your hair has probably developed a life of its own. Your bangs could already be at eye-poking length, while your ends are grazing beyond where it should be.

How to fix it: In the meantime, you can put your growing locks up in a scrunchie or style them to hide the excess length (check out some ideas here). You can also use cute clips to get your bangs away from your face. You can try trimming it own your own if you're desperate (here's how), but we highly recommend putting the scissors down if you can help it!


2. Visible roots, Uneven hair color

Seeing your overgrown roots and faded hair color in the mirror every day could be tempting you to just grab a box dye from the grocery store and be done with it. But remember, this quarantine is temporary—you don't have to deal with blotchy hair color forever, so stick to subtle, reversible fixes.

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How to fix it: For visible roots, try washable touch-up products like root concealers or sprays. For your ends, opt for color-depositing conditioners that'll tint your hair. If you have a bright hair color, you can DIY your own color conditioner by mixing your usual hair dye into regular conditioner (don't forget to do a patch test!).

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L'OREAL Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray, P399, Watsons; LAKME Teknia Ultra Brown Treatment, P1420,

3. Shedding lash extensions

While the lockdown is in place, try your best to make your lash extensions last longer at home (see some of the best practices here). That said, it's almost impossible to keep them in pristine condition beyond two months. By then, your faux lashes will begin falling off and looking uneven.

How to fix it: The simple answer is, don't. Just let your extensions shed naturally instead of forcing them off. Taking them out could irritate your eyes—or worse, have you plucking out your real lashes. To hide the unevenness while doing video calls and taking photos, pop on some specs or falsies!

4. Chipped gel nail polish

Long nails and old polish aren't the most sanitary things to have on your hands during a pandemic. So if your gel manicure is more than two weeks old, it's time to trim those nails and take your polish off.


How to fix it: Use a nail file to shave off the top layer of gel polish. After, soak some cotton balls with acetone, place them over your nails, and cover your fingertip with aluminum foil for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the nail polish is loose, use a wooden nail stick to gently lift it off your nail (soak it longer if it doesn't budge).

5. Hangnails

Frequent handwashing or not moisturizing your hands in general can cause dryness, which could lead to those annoying excess pieces of skin to jut out from your nails—a.k.a. hangnails.

How to fix it: Wash your hands and soften your nails with either a lotion, oil, or petroleum jelly. Sanitize a nail cutter with alcohol, and use it to cut the long part of the hangnail (don't cut too deep!) until the skin becomes even. If you accidentally nick off too much and it bleeds, wash your hands again and bandage the area to let it heal.

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