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Unwind before the rush with Spa Essentials oils.
Pure And Easy Unwind before the rush with Spa Essentials oils.

Take a break from all the end-year madness by indulging in an at-home body massage. Nothing straightens out body kinks better than a thorough kneading of pressure points. The best part of it—next to passing out on the bed directly after, that is—is knowing that when the mood strikes, you can always get another, spa-worthy one without breaking the bank.

Spa Essentials, renowned for its spa-exclusive products, offers its retail Wellness Oils to clientele who literally ache for the relief only a professional treatment can bring, but, of course, with never-leave-your-home convenience. The aromatherapy benefits of each of the oils vary according to need. Customers can pick and choose to target stress and aches and pain relief; body cleansing; enhancing sensuality; and even sleep inducement.

Educated consumers fare best, however, as pure essential oils may cause reactions in those with extremely sensitive skin or have certain medical conditions like epilepsy (Note: avoid fennel and rosemary!). Expectant moms should avoid them altogether, too, as complications may arise from the potent products' absorption into the bloodstream.

Australian-based Spa Essentials Wellness Oils are exclusively available at Watsons Drugstores in Metro Manila. For more info on the brand—or if you're, well, just an aromatherapy enthusiast—contact Spa Professionals at 838-2170 or email for information on their workshops.

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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