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5 Beginner Workout Plans to Try this Summer

Easy tips from these Preview girls!
5 Beginner Workout Plans to Try this Summer
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Easy tips from these Preview girls!

If you're looking to start a new workout routine to get your body summer ready but know where to start, then you've come to the right place. These Preview girls have a short guide on which routine you should adopt to get your body toned, or simply just to get you moving.

1. Iza Calzado, Actress

“Running is perfect for my profession because you can always just have your workout clothes and rubber shoes [handy] and run wherever there’s a path to run on, even when you’re in a random shoot location.”

Workout: Running

Benefits: Great energy in the morning

Spotify Playlist: Running hits by Filtr Espana

Where and How much: UP Diliman, free

Need: MP3 player

Duration: One hour

Time: Anytime


2. Celine TangBusinesswoman

“Riding at the end of a long day can be so incredibly cathartic. It’s a workout and a stressreliever at the same time.”

Workout: Spinning

Benefits: Increased endorphins

Spotify Playlist: Workout Mix by Jessica_621

Where and How much: Electric Studio, P1000/session

Need: Spinning shoes

Duration: 45 minutes

Time: After work

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3. Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, Entrepreneur

“As a working mom, every minute counts. I love Pilates because it’s a form of exercise that efficiently strengthens the body in one session. You’ll discover muscles you never [thought you] had!”

Workout: Pilates

Benefits: Muscle elascticity and joint mobility

Spotify Playlist: Relax Focus by Officina Sonora

Where and How much: Options Studio, starts at P450

Need: Tights

Duration: 50-55 minutes

Time: 10am


4. Lexi GancaycoBlogger

“Yoga is really convenient because I can do it at home with minimal equipment. It’s really important to incorporate yoga into the different activities I do, both at work and at the gym.”

Workout: Yoga

Benefits: Strength-training and flexibility

Spotify Playlist: Yoga Girl Playlist of the Month

Where and How much: Urban Ashram, P600/session

Need: Yoga mat

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Time: Early morning


5. En Estrada, Photographer

“CrossFit workouts are really short. It prioritizes intensity over my daily schedule even if I have a 9-to-5 duration. This why I can squeeze it into job.”

Workout: Circuit Training

Benefits: Quick and intense calorie burn 

Spotify Playlist: Crossfit and Rock by Spotify

Where and How much: Crossfit; P750/session

Need: hand wraps/ jump rope

Duration: 30 minutes

Time: 5pm


This article originally appeared in Preview Magazine February 2016 issue.

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