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Positive Body Talk with Plus-Size Model Barbie

Positive Body Talk with Plus-Size Model Barbie "Physical appearance is just superficial."

Full-figured model Barbie Padilla of Ideal Models doesn't believe in stereotypes. "It is all about feeling satisfied, happy and appreciating your body for what it can do, not just how it looks," she says. In this month's Modern Mannequins fashion editorial, we feature 10 upcoming young models who prove that loving what your momma gave you is the best way to beat the odds—and the haters. Here's what Barbie has to say about being the big bombshell girl in an industry of svelte figures.

What do you love most about your full figure?

My butt and all the curves.

What advantages do being plus-sized have to your career as a model?

I would like to say, lesser competitions? There are only few plus sized models around locally.

Advice for girls with the same body type but are struggling with their body image? 

Physical appearance is just superficial. Beauty is skin deep. What matters most is being satisfied [with yourself] and accepting the way you look. Focus on things that aren’t related to appearance, such as having a sense of humor, being hardworking, being caring or being helpful. That's what matters most to people.

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Photographed by Charisma Lico


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