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How Makeup Artists Hide Large Pores and Bumpy Skin with Powder

A trick straight from the pros.
How Makeup Artists Hide Large Pores and Bumpy Skin with Powder
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A trick straight from the pros.

Makeup 101 tells us that if you want to hide it, mattify it. Forget everything you've heard about dewy skin for a second, because let's face it—large pores and bumpy skin simply can't jive with shine.

Now here's where powder comes in. We all know that powder mattifies our skin, but what it also does is it removes the three-dimensional look of skin issues. It makes your face look flat, which sounds bad now, but it really does make pores and texture less apparent by reflecting less light. You can add blush, highlighter and contour to fix the flatness later.

Our favorite skin-blurring technique is one that we learned from celebrity makeup artists like Mark Qua and Anton Patdu. It involves powdering the skin not with a brush, but with a powder puff and loose powder.

According to them, instead of simply swiping powder over the face, press and roll the powder over your skin. Mark says that this will push the product into the skin better, fusing your foundation and concealer with your actual skin instead of having them sit on top, which tends to accentuate pores.


This technique won't erase your makeup underneath either, so it's perfect for when you're breaking out and have things to cover. It simply sets everything and creates the illusion of smoother skin texture. And who doesn't want that?

For a quick demo, watch YouTuber and makeup artist Wayne Goss's quick tutorial below:

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