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Plastic Dreams 1

Restylane lets you nip and tuck to your ideal face, with
Plastic Dreams 1 Restylane lets you nip and tuck to your ideal face, with

If you've flirted with the idea of getting some “work” done but simply don't have the guts/money/time to follow through, or if you've ever had that she-looks-better-but-I-just-can't-put-a-finger-on-it feeling after seeing someone, then take heed: Restylane just might be the answer to both conundrums.

An injectible beauty enhancement (similar to Botox in application), it's a revolutionary, temporary and non-invasive—assuming you're not afraid of needles—approach to cosmetic surgery.

Made up of Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid or NASHA, a carbohydrate that's already found in human tissue, it retains our skin's suppleness and elasticity. A lot of beauty products already contain hyaluronic acid as part of their anti-aging arsenal, and Restylane uses the 100% safe and natural polysaccharide as the main ingredient in literally molding your ideal face.

The procedure lasts less than two hours and its visible effects, from six months to a year. The body then proceeds to absorb, break down and finally expel the Restylane naturally after that. It presumably giving patients the safety net of a temporary procedure—and lots of moral wiggle room, if you're still on the fence about surgical, more permanent enhancements.

Lip enhancements, nose jobs, jaw minimization: the possibilities are, frankly, endless.

During the procedure, the compound is injected into strategic parts of the target area and, in some cases, is sculpted into place to take shape: “Restylane products are 'tissue tailored' to ensure the appropriate dose and consistency for each specific treatment,” says Dr. Gary Bunagan, Oculoplastic Surgeon. After which, it holds, and voila, a new nose in literally minutes.

Fans also cite the injectible's zero downtime as another major perk and for some, this practicality may actually be the deciding factor in finally availing of a procedure. Being able to go to work that same afternoon (and having that factor of deniability, if you will) is a huge plus.

Experts cite the end results as akin to having just come home from a long holiday, or even having a younger lover—it's that telltale, allover glow and immediate improvement that Restylane holds over the competition.

If you ever decide to take the plunge and need instant results with minimal to no surgical risks, then maybe that great-vacation-in-a-vial is just what the doctor ordered.

For more information and for a complete list of accredited doctors that administer Restylane, visit or call (0917) 885-5878, (0923) 341-0155 or (0927) 579-2534.

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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