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10 Dainty Nature Tattoo Ideas for Those Who Are Obsessed with Plants

Plantitas, this one's for you.
10 Dainty Nature Tattoo Ideas for Those Who Are Obsessed with Plants
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Plantitas, this one's for you.

Ok, so you just bought your first (or 27th) plant, a succulent or one that doesn't need a much sunlight. You're even thinking about splurging on cute plant pots or displaying them using a chic stands.

As you're scrolling through social media for more ways to grow your home garden, an idea pops in your head: What if you get a plant tattoo? Is it a good idea? The answer is an emphatic yes! And because we want nothing more than to support your dreams of being the ultimate plantita, here are some cute plant tattoos to inspire your next ink:

1. This leaf tattoo may be small but those clean lines make it stand out.

2. A minimalist design for maximum impact.

3. Make your ink come to life by adding color to the design.


4. Not ready to commit to a larger piece? Get leaf tattoos on your fingers instead.

5. This dainty, fine-line tattoo is too pretty for words.

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6. How much do you love plants? This two-in-one tattoo says it all.

7. Adorn your collarbone with your favorite plant.


8. Get a love fern or two.

9. You can't go wrong with soft, subtle shades.


10. Want to go big or go home? This gorgeous arm wrap is the sign you're waiting for. 

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