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These Beauty Trends Will Be Big in 2021, According to Pinterest

Being a "skinimalist" is one of them.
These Beauty Trends Will Be Big in 2021, According to Pinterest
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Being a "skinimalist" is one of them.

Pinterest has released their annual "not-yet-trending" report for 2021, which can help us get ahead of the game. New terms such as "skinimalism" and "indie beauty" have surfaced in its beauty category, and they're already making us look forward to the new year!

To give you an idea of the upcoming beauty trends, let’s dissect them one by one:

1. Skinimalism

Based on trending searches, "skinimalism" will be the biggest beauty trend in the coming year, and it's all about restructuring your products for a simpler beauty routine that'll still give the same results. They also suggest that people will be gravitating towards less makeup, less skincare, and natural approaches to beauty. Here are some of the trending searches under this category:

Face Yoga

Face yoga is a natural solution to a free face lift. It has the ability to relax and tone the face, which will later on lift and tighten the skin. So instead of splurging on skincare devices and products that promise such results, try face yoga first!


Homemade Skincare

Your pantry may be your next beauty destination. There are countless recipes for effective skincare concoctions that can rival branded skincare products. To name a few, you can make a lip scrub from sugar, skincare masks with oatmeal, and grapeseed oil as a moisturizer.

"No-Makeup" Makeup

Natural, effortless makeup will always remain a go-to look. With the pandemic still continuing in 2021, we don't really want a heavy slap under our face masks. Instead we'll be hooked with comfortable formulas and natural finishes, even if blemishes may be in the way.

2. Indie Beauty

Indie beauty is all about displaying color and fun. It may not be an everyday look, but it's something that beauty afficionados would love to experiment on. Check out the trending searches in this category:

Indie Makeup

The Gen Z's take on indie makeup is experimental yet adorable. They'll be incorporating colorful shadows, bright liners, popping blushers, and tantalizing highlighters.

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Indie Nails

Just like indie makeup, indie nails are a vibrant nail art that can consist of smileys, flowers, and anything colorful and hip.

3. Braids and Heatless Hairstyles

Braids are protective hairstyles that could be taking over in the coming year. Braids never go out of style, but instead of doing the usual knot, here are new braids to try! They're low-maintenance and heatless, but will still get you looking fun and glamorous.

Bubble Braids

This may be the easiest braid since it does not involve any knots. All you have to do is to add volume to every section of your pony tail or pig tails— and voila! You now have this fun and trendy hairdo!

Pull-Through Braid

Part of the bubble braid family, the pull-through braid requires extra effort but is still doable for everyone. Just weave two sections of hair into a central strand, secure it with an elastic, volumize it, and repeat.

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