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10 Pretty Pink Hair Color Ideas That Will Always Look Good

Looking for a sweet makeover? Pink is the way to go!
10 Pretty Pink Hair Color Ideas That Will Always Look Good
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Looking for a sweet makeover? Pink is the way to go!

We hate to say this, but we disagree with Regina George and strongly feel that you can wear pink all week and not just on Wednesdays. And if you’re a fan of the flirty and feminine hue, then you’ve probably even considered dying your hair in a pinkish shade.

If you’ve ever been hesitant of coloring your hair beyond the brown, black, and blonde spectrum, then we've got news for you: Pink hair color actually isn’t as intimidating as you’d imagine. There are actually a lot of pretty shades that are less head-turning and bright, but there are also select hues that will draw attention from a mile away. But that’s the beauty of pink—as there seems to be a shade for everyone no matter your personality, style, or skin tone.

Haven’t figured out which tone to try? Should you go for a bright magenta or pale pastel blush? Well, we’ve prepared a few ideas to get you inspired.

Here Are 10 Pretty Pink Hair Color Ideas You Should Definitely Try:

1. Rose gold

There was a time when rose gold hair was all the rave. It’s the perfect warm pastel hue that’s right between a sugary pink and orange shade. This color also gives off a lot of dimension and volume since the color sort of shifts from pink to blonde depending on the lighting. It’s definitely worth a try if you’d like to level up your typical blonde dye job.

2. Dusty Mauve

A pale pink that's more grayish than pastel, this dusty blush shade is a classy and more grown up choice. It's the perfect alternative to pastel pink if you're looking for a hue that's a little more sophisticated and serious despite its unusual tone.

3. Pastel pink

Perhaps the most popular shade when you think of dyeing your hair pink is to go with a pastel hue. Easy on the eyes and not overtly girly, pastel pink is easy to dress up and down and is a cute color to go for if you’ve tried platinum blonde before. The shade is also stunning on most skin tones—but is definitely more of a statement color for women with deeper complexions.


4. Neon pink

If you want to make heads turn, then neon pink is the way to go. This Barbie-approved shade is as shocking as it gets, but it's also a fun color to try if you’re really in the mood for a makeover. It also lasts longer than all the pastel pink shades because of its pigmented saturation.

5. Coral

A shade in between rose gold and salmon, coral pink is the peachy color you’d want to try if you want to try something a little more unique. The shade flatters medium to light skin tones with a more yellow undertone and really gives you this sunny glow.

6. Silvery pink

This might be the coolest iteration of pink you can go for. Think of it as the babydoll granny ‘do of your dreams, because of its overall blush and silvery hue. The color looks simply otherworldly and great on medium to deeper skin tones as the shade would make your complexion stand out even more.

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7. Purple Pink

Fuchsia is pink with a hint of purple and is a great shade to try if you love both colors equally. Done in one color or in a more purple pink ombre, fuchsia is always fun and gives your look a pop of punk and rock and roll.

8. Berry Pink

This deep pink shade screams sophistication as it threads the line of wine red ever so subtly. If you’re looking for a more understated hue, this almost raspberry color is worth a try. It also provides an understated warm pop of color to your look—especially when your wardrobe is predominantly comprised of blacks and neutrals.

9. Pink Highlights

This subtle (yet not subtle) hair color technique is the perfect style to flaunt if you don't want to bleach a full head of hair. Instead, you can go for flattering face-framing pink highlights (like Dua Lipa or Brittany Xavier) or even more understated spliced highlights strategically dyed to add depth to your tresses.


10. Pink Ombre

Afraid to bleach your roots? Then opt for an ombre pink ‘do! Although a lighter base is preferred if you want pastel pink ends, you can also choose a deeper mauve or dusty pink shade to transition into from black or dark brown.

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