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These Filipina Content Creators Are Normalizing Textured Skin

There's nothing wrong with marks or blemishes.
These Filipina Content Creators Are Normalizing Textured Skin
IMAGE Instagram/tonirmorales, maealayug
There's nothing wrong with marks or blemishes.

When scrolling through socila media, it's easy to forget that flawless skin doesn't exist. Fortunately, more and more content creators are here to remind us that having textured skin is normal. The reality is that everyone has pores. Many of us have acne, milia, discolorations, and blackheads—and that's okay. 

Lately, several Pinay TikTokers have been filming unfiltered, close-up shots of their skin—pimples, dark spots, and all—and we're all for it. 

"Skin texture is normal," TikToker Toni Morales (@tonirmorales) captioned her "Get ready with me" video. 

"Here's to embracing skin textures," another content creator Denise Chua (@deniseannthea) wrote. 

"I understand the frustration of some people when they feel like the texture of their skin destroys their makeup look, so I am here to show you that it is normal for our skin to have texture," beauty vlogger-entrepreneur Mae Layug (@maealayug) pointed out while doing her makeup. "We can cover the discolorations of our skin, but we can never cover the texture... As you can see in this video, this is what [makeup] looks like in real life." 

Another beauty guru who is on a mission to showcase real, unfiltered beauty is Krisha Bala (@krishabala). One of her videos where she tested different skin tints on her blemished skin got over 400,000 views. Just recently, the Pinay TikToker even upgraded her lighting so that her viewers can see a more accurate version of her skin texture.

TikToker Cara Baldovino's (@cbldvn) version of the viral "clean girl" makeup look for someone like her who has blemished skin:

We're totally right there with you, ladies! 

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