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These Perks Will Make You Want to Become a Morning Person

Be more efficient in getting stuff done!
These Perks Will Make You Want to Become a Morning Person Be more efficient in getting stuff done!

From getting rid of bad habits to becoming more efficient at your job, there are numerous reasons to start waking up early. Need more convincing? Below, we have some explanations (backed by experts, of course) on why you should start making the shift to becoming an early riser.


1. Better Productivity

The early bird really does catch the worm. This should be a no-brainer because when you wake up earlier, you have more time in your day to do things like work out or prepare a good breakfast. Waking up early might make you feel grumpy in the beginning, but it will all be worth it as soon as your body clock adjusts to its new schedule. Getting enough sleep also positively affects performance and good decision-making. Not to mention, the body feels more refreshed and energized.

2. Better Mental Health

 According to therapist Dr. Rose Yenko, “To actually see and experience sun and light in the morning is a natural anti-depression measure.” Rising up early in the day also reduces your stress level because you won’t be feeling the need to rush. You set the tone on how your day is going to start. If you start on a positive note, the rest of the day follows.


3. Glowing Complexion

 Adjusting your schedule to sleep early and wake up early will give your skin the time it needs to repair and recover. Dr. Karla Luchangco of Beautique MD says, “What you apply to your skin before sleeping and when you wake up is important, but we should know that DNA repair and proliferation of new skin cells happen at night. That’s why people often notice that their skin looks fresher and younger after a good night’s sleep.”

4.  Improved Nutrition

 Waking up early helps you sustain a healthier diet. Being an early riser gives you enough time to prepare and eat a nutritious meal. After a good night’s sleep, you need to “break the fast” with some healthy food. Jenaica Roman, a registered nutritionist-dietitian and Executive Assistant for Ride Revolution says, “Most late sleepers tend to skip breakfast since they try to get in as much doze as they can, which is a bad idea because our body goes into starvation mode—it means it makes you more likely to overeat and crave unhealthy foods on your next meal.” 

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