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I Own Over 20 Peach Blushes—These Are the 5 I Always Use

My Fab Five for peach-tinged cheeks, basically.
I Own Over 20 Peach Blushes—These Are the 5 I Always Use
IMAGE Nicole Arcano, Beauty Bar, Laura Mercier, Sephora
My Fab Five for peach-tinged cheeks, basically.

Before living coral makeup became a huge trend, I've always had specific reasons for semi-exclusively wearing peach blush. First is my acne-prone skin, which by default makes me very prone to redness—an issue pink blush tends to accentuate. In fact, I used to never wear blush until I discovered warmer colors in fear of highlighting imperfections. Now this brings me to my second reason for loving peach cheeks: My undertone. The warmth in colors like orange, reds, and browns naturally complements the strong yellow undertones of my skin, and peach is that perfect mix of orange and brown that's versatile enough to suit the makeup I usually wear.

Hence, it shouldn't be surprising that I've accumulated more peach-toned blushes than the average person over time. I would say I have around 10, not including the ones in storage (oops). It's a lot, I know, but I found that I always tend to reach for five specific ones. These are my no-brainers—the blushes I would 100% keep if I were to Marie Kondo my collection someday. Let me explain why below:


Claudia Schiffer Makeup Blusher in Hot Sand

My first pick is this powder blush from model Claudia Schiffer's eponymous makeup line. Perhaps the best thing about it is the color: A light nude peach that's reminiscent of the trendy brown hues of the '90s. Unfortunately, it doesn't turn me into a '90s supermodel like Claudia, but applying it on my cheekbones does give me a sunkissed look plus a sculpted cheek. I make the most out of the hints of brown for a blush-slash-contour, and I found that it actually defines my face more subtly than a real contour shade!

Claudia Schiffer's Blusher in Hot Sand
PHOTO BY Beauty Bar, Nicole Arcano
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CLAUDIA SCHIFFER MAKEUP Blusher in Hot Sand, P1650, Beauty Bar

Happy Skin Easy Glam Multi-Use Mousse Makeup Eyes + Cheeks in Coral

Full disclosure: I'm not the biggest fan of cream blush. Most formulas I've tried tend to either ruin my foundation or take absolutely forever to blend. Trying this new formula from Happy Skin was therefore a huge gamble for me. Thankfully, it paid off.

The vibrant orange shade was a little intimidating at first, but its creamy but non-oily texture surprisingly blended quickly without disturbing my makeup underneath. The semi-matte finish is much appreciated by my oily skin, and it really lasts all day without caking up. If you're a fan of monochrome looks, I highly recommend using it as a cream eyeshadow!

Happy Skin's Easy Glam Multi-Use Mousse Makeup Eyes + Cheeks in Coral
PHOTO BY Happy Skin, Nicole Arcano

HAPPY SKIN Easy Glam Multi-Use Mousse Makeup Eyes + Cheeks in Coral, P799, SM Aura

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colors Pressed Powder in B304

This apricot blush pan comes in a custom three-color palette I created at the Make Up For Ever store. I have it slotted next to a contour shade and a highlighter—a convenient trio that I always bring when I travel. That said, the real reason I use it so often is that it's such an easy color and formula to work with. It's a flattering orange hue that's sheer yet very buildable, and I can use it as an eyeshadow as well to save time. I've owned this shade for over a year now and I have yet to make a dent on the pan despite near daily use. Overall, I consider it a steal if you're a makeup artist building your kit or a heavy blush-user.

Make Up For Ever's Artist Face Colors Pressed Powder in B304
PHOTO BY Sephora, Nicole Arcano

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Face Colors Pressed Powder in B304, P1260; XL Refillable Makeup Palette, P300,

3CE Duo Color Face Blush in Retro Drive

The color combination on this pan of blush may look nowhere near the peachy vibe we've been on so far, but trust me on this. This formula is very sheer, and when two shades are mixed together, the yellow mellows down the orange enough to create a wearable peach. While I admit there's nothing groundbreaking about this formula, I love having the option to use the yellow shade as eyeshadow or a matte highlighter, even. Call me a sucker for packaging, but this little guy practically forces me to experiment just by looking at it—a genre of product everyone needs, if I do say so myself.

3CE's Duo Color Face Blush in Retro Drive
PHOTO BY Sephora, Nicole Arcano

3CE Duo Color Face Blush in Retro Drive, P1310,

Laura Mercier Blush Colour Infusion in Peach

As you can probably tell, I love multi-use products. The difference between this Laura Mercier blush and the ones above, though, is that this doubles not as a contour but a highlighter. The shade Peach from the Blush Colour Infusion line has fine shimmer infused into a juicy coral-colored powder. When using it alone, I apply it above my cheekbone as a sort of tinted highlighter. When I'm feeling fancy, I use it as a cheek topper and brush it on top of my first layer of blush.

Laura Mercier's Blush Colour Infusion in Peach
PHOTO BY Laura Mercier, Nicole Arcano

LAURA MERCIER Blush Colour Infusion in Peach, P1550, Rustan's

Are you a fan of peach blush, too? Let us know your favorites the comments!

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