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Patti Grandidge Is Free In Her Own Skin

Find out Patti Grandidge's secret to having her cake and eating it, too.
Patti Grandidge Is Free In Her Own Skin Find out Patti Grandidge's secret to having her cake and eating it, too.

You’re not baking and selling cupcakes, you don’t have a dozen ad campaigns, you don’t have your own TV show, but you may actually have a lot more in common with wife, entrepreneur, model, and event and TV host Patti Grandidge than you think.

Patti was a dreamer once—before the cupcake business boomed, before the dip into show business turned into a full-blown career, before the dream wedding, before the small number of fans turned into a huge following. Her life now is the stuff sweet dreams are made of. Moving to Manila for good back in 2010 proved to be both challenging and fulfilling for the International Business graduate and constant traveler.  

Of course there were life and career challenges but with her hard work, sweet tooth, and baking prowess, she started a cupcake business, Sweet Patti Cakes, and a food blog, Patti’s Palette, both endeavors paved the way for her to become a TV show host.


As a world traveler, Patti admits to have been constantly exposed to changing climates, which to this day takes a toll on her skin. As with half of the Filipina population, her skin type falls under the “dry and sensitive” category, which gets flaky and cracks when not moisturized and develops breakouts, redness, flushing or itching with makeup, soaps that foam, or other harsh topical creams.

No TV personality wants that kind of dilemma when work entails looking flawless and fresh on the tube, and every day at that. A trip to the dermatologist suggested an off-the-counter remedy for her dry and sensitive skin, something even your own derma must have once recommended too: Physiogel products.

Ever since this discovery, Patti says she felt freed. “Now, there’s no reason to feel insecure on cam and at work.” Physiogel's barrier repair moisturizers heal dry skin and make it soft and smooth. Since it's also free of scent, preservatives, and soap, its gentle ingredients are great for Patti's sensitive skin. Physiogel has the patented Advanced Biomimic Technology ®, which mimics the skin's lipid layers, repairing skin and locking in moisture for up to 72 hours. No other moisturizer can do the same.

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Patti's travel and daily essentials include her Physiogel Cream which serves as her moisturizer for the face, Physiogel Lotion as moisturizer for the body, and Physiogel Cleanser, her gentle cleanser for both face and body. Know more how to better take care of your skin. Click here to find out the best Physiogel product for you, and join the growing community of Physiogel women who have chosen to be free from dry and sensitive skin here.

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