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Patrick Starrr Shares How He Successfully Launched His Makeup Brand During the Pandemic

After his successful collaborations with MAC Cosmetics, the Fil-Am YouTuber is making waves with his brand, One/Size.
Patrick Starrr Shares How He Successfully Launched His Makeup Brand During the Pandemic
IMAGE Instagram/patrickstarrr
After his successful collaborations with MAC Cosmetics, the Fil-Am YouTuber is making waves with his brand, One/Size.

Filipino-American YouTuber and make-up guru Patrick Starrr is still in on cloud nine more than a year after he launched his own cosmetic brand called ONE/SIZE.

Patrick, whose real name is Patrick Simondac, is a content creator with 4.32 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.2 million followers on Instagram.

He had done work on Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and on some Hollywood A-listers, including Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Tyra Banks, and Paris Hilton.

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on Friday, December 10, 2021, Patrick said he started thinking about creating his own make-up brand after his collaboration with MAC Cosmetics two years ago.

The 30-year-old make-up artist related, "I was like, 'This is so fun!' Creating make-up, creating beauty, and see people love it."

Goaded to release his own brand by celebrities who had known the magic he could do with make-up, Patrick eventually made up his mind to get in the business.


He said, "And remember when I came here to the Philippines when I was doing my MAC collaboration, Kris Aquino was like, 'I wanna meet you. I wanna have lunch with you and I wanna try your eye shadow.'

"I was like, 'What?' And so we had met, she took me out to lunch, we had an interview."

He was gushy about his encounter with Kris, describing himself as "a Filipino boy" born and raised in Orlando, Florida, "all the way to here in Manila, internationally."

Something also "sparked" in his head, convincing him he was on the right track.

"I said, I think there can be more after MAC. There could be something for me. Something that really is truly me.

"When people like her and other celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Paris Hilton, they’re all texting me like, 'Oh my god! I want your make-up, I want your make-up spray. I want your powder foundation.'

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"It’s so crazy ‘cause, it’s just really exciting and it makes me happy that they’re wanting something that I have created."


He said the idea to name his brand ONE/SIZE was inspired by a tweet in 2016.

Patrick recalled, "It was inspired by a quote that I had in 2016 when I was shopping for make-up in a mall.


"And, I mean, shopping for clothes and... nothing could fit me in the store. And I said, 'Gang, you know what, I can’t buy... I can’t buy anything in here.'

"But I can buy make-up because make-up is a one size fits all. And I was like, 'Oh my gosh!' So, I trademarked that tagline in 2016 and I didn't know what I was gonna do with it."

It all came back to Patrick when he was deciding on the name of his make-up brand. "I said, what should I call it? And we ended up with calling the brand ONE/SIZE Beauty because make-up is one size fits all."



Patrick fully demonstrated his know-how in creating make-up product when he did a whole collection for MAC.

However, he made some major adjustments in the way he promoted his own brand.

He explained, "On a collaboration, you work within the parameters of what they have. Like their formulas, their ideas, their packaging.

"But for me, I got to pick the colors, the finishes, each and every single detail of like the finish of the cap, what do I want, what I want to say, who do I want in the commercial, what I want the commercial to sound like.

"So for One/Size, everything that we do, is all about expression. So we have music and movement through make-up."



Creating a brand from the ground up has already been a challenge for Patrick, and the pandemic has made his work a lot tougher.

Patrick and his team initially planned on having a big launch for his brand with two other beauty brands—Makeup by Mario by renowned makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez—during the Pride celebration in June 2020. But the plan didn't push through.

Patrick told, "COVID was the most difficult thing. We had this big idea and the three brands we were gonna launch in, you know, Sephora were Make-up by Mario, Selena Gomez Rare Beauty, and Patrick Starrr with One/Size.

"And we were established in 2020, but we were like so excited, we had big ideas. We were gonna launch around June of 2020 for Pride and had this big go-off, vogueing elaganza extravaganza parade, and it didn’t happen."


Patrick also had to create a team and build his brand virtually. But working in the digital world for over seven years had made it somewhat easier for Patrick.

He said, "We got shut down [in] March, and I had to build a business and a brand in Sephora nationwide, in North America virtually on Zoom.

"So to come up and interview employees, imagine doing interviews. I don’t know how they feel, I don’t know how they look, I don’t know if they like me, I don’t know if I like them. Like it was such a crazy time to build a business in a pandemic."

He added, "Working together virtually was actually easier than everyone else thought because I am already digitally native anyways.

"Being a digital content creator and interacting with the audience to millions of people, our line, I was like, 'I got this!' I can build a brand online. Easy. So, they really listen to me, and they trusted me with my guidance to create a beautiful brand that I’m so proud of.


"So, communication, listening, and being disciplined to listen, and take advice [from] others really help build the brand and exceed those expectations."


According to Patrick, a good support system helped him overcome the hurdles he faced over the past year during the launching of his beauty brand.


He shared, "It’s crazy... it’s hard but it was a lot of praying. It was a lot of talking to my parents.

"It was a lot of talking to my family. And, 'What do? What do I do?' You know. And, I really had to listen to... I had to listen to myself and what was right for the brand. Because this is... You only got one chance to launch you know. And I was like, 'Oh my god!' like 'We’re gonna launch in a pandemic.'

"It was so sad but we took that and embrace it because I was digitally native. And I think, I wouldn’t have launched it any other way. The beautiful campaign video in the commercial, we really made a splash online and in the business of Sephora, too."

Patrick's make-up is currently available via, does he plan to open a physical store for his beauty brand in the Philippines?


Patrick answered, "Oh my god! It would be a dream. I think, once things subside, I am able to really look at the business and see we’re able to do. But most definitely I would love to see things open up and, hopefully, open up a business here as well."

* This story originally appeared on Pep.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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