Our New Beauty Series Gives You Unheard-Of Beauty Secrets StyleBible Preview

Our New Beauty Series Gives You Unheard-Of Beauty Secrets

On this episode of Beauty Snaps: everyone's current obsession, lips!
Our New Beauty Series Gives You Unheard-Of Beauty Secrets

We here at preview.ph, and our long-time collaborators from The SM Beauty Store, thought it just right to put forth a series of beauty videos that contain more than your usual run-of-the-mill makeup looks and tips. Here at Beauty Snaps, we'll try to let you in on beauty secrets we thought could use a little more exposure, and looks that you thought were too hard (or too wild!) to try. 

Beauty Snaps is hosted by the lovely Mari Jasmine (a beauty girl and a Preview.ph girl at heart—remember the swoon-worthy cooking vids she did with us last year), who in this first episode talk about makeup's current fixation: lips. So, without further ado, enjoy our first video!

A spoon or stirrer
Old, clean mascara wand

1. Stir sugar and honey together in a plate. Make sure you get a gooey consistency at the end.
2. Take your old mascara wand (make sure you thoroughly clean it up!) and scoop enough of the concoction to cover the entire brush.
3. Scrub the mixture onto your lips in rotating movements. You have to make sure you feel the sugar exfoliating your lips. Don't over rub!
4. Wipe your lips off with a soft towel or facial tissue.
What you'll need:
Lip liner
Two of your favorite lipstick shades

1. Line your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick. It should match the color you want on the outer lip area.
2. Take the lipstick shade you want for the outer edges of your lips, and swipe them all around that area as if making a thick border on your lips. Make sure you don't go beyond your lip line.
3. Take the second lip shade and apply it onto the inner parts of your upper and lower lip, basically making it look sandwiched between the outer shade. The outer shade should look like it gently fades into the inner color.
4. Take a shimmery eyeshadow, and gently dab some product onto your lips for a frosted lip effect.
What you'll need:
Two of your favorite lipstick shades

1. Apply the first color on your upper lip. You may choose to prep with a lip liner of the similar shade beforehand.
2. Apply the second shade onto your lower lip, also lining it with a similar-colored lip liner as an initial step.

What you'll need:
Broken lipstick
Freezer on standby

1. Take the broken end of your lipstick (usually this is the top part), and melt its bottom by very gently grazing it against the lighter's flames. Heat it just enough to soften.
2. Reconnect the broken part by sticking the melted end against the rest of the lipstick. Make sure you position it as near as how it looks originally.
3. Take your reformed lipstick and pop it in the freezer for an hour or so until the melted lipstick is hard and ready to use.

What you'll need:
Your favorite lipstick shade (with a color you'd want to use as a blush)

1. Transfer a pea-sized amount of SPF onto your index finger. Apply just enough—remember, you'll use this as a blush and don't want to overdo it.
2. Rub the lipstick against your thumb. The amount of product depends on how pigmented you want your blush to be! We say, one stroke is enough if your lipstick is high on pigment.
3. Rub your index finger against your thumb, instantly mixing the SPF and the lipstick together.
4. Use the same index finger to dab the SPF blush against the apples of your cheeks. Remember: dab, don't rub!

There you go! Don’t forget to take pictures of you in your favorite lipstick finish or in a lip art creation you want us to see, by tagging @previewph and @smbeautyph

All the products used are available at The SM Store Beauty Section. See you in the next episode of Beauty Snaps! 

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