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Opinion: Statement Lips or Bold Brows?

The Misty Mom and Lush Angel weigh in.
Opinion: Statement Lips or Bold Brows? The Misty Mom and Lush Angel weigh in.

We asked two beauty obsessed girls about the favorite part of their face they love puting makeup on. So are you Team Lippie or Team Kilay? Shari Macainag aka The Misty Mom and Angela Nepomuceno aka Lush Angel dish, discuss, and debate all for the love of makeup!

Angela: So, Shari, what’s your favorite product?

Shari: I would go for the lips. With the lips, you can play around. You?

A: For me, it’s the last thing I apply because the first thing I do when I put my makeup on are my brows. I can’t leave the house without it. For lips, I don’t really put lipstick, or maybe just lip balm.

S: What I like about the lips is you can experiment! You can do nudes, pinks, you can do vampy. You can channel whoever you want to portray with a lipstick color. For example, if I want to be cute, I’d use pink. But when I want to feel confident, it’ll be red or vampy.


A: That’s true! How do you choose shades? Do you change your lips from day to night? Do you have a lot of lipsticks inside your bag?

S: I do! Usually, I have one light shade and one dark shade always in my bag. What about you, do you buy different brow products?

A: I still experiment and try, though my favorite is brow mascara! Since my brows are naturally thick and shapely, I can live with just a brow mascara. If I need to attend events, I use a brow pencil or pen.

S: Brows are actually also one of the things I can’t live without. I guess it’s different for every woman. You already have full arches. But for me, I have to draw them on every day.

A: So you use gel?

S: I use gel to define and create shape because I don’t have brows.

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A: And it’s so long-lasting!

S: Eyebrow mascara changes the way you look. Because I always color my hair, my brows are kinda off. 

A: It also softens the look, that’s why it’s very important. I also use powder to fill in my brows. For more definition, I use a brow pen or pencil if I want them to be really on fleek. How do you do your lips?

S: Lip makeup has so many different textures. I have dry lips, and if you have dry lips, you can’t use the retro mattes or flat-out mattes because your lips will crack, and mine even bleed. What I like are the choices: liquid, pencil, even powder! My favorite is creamy matte. So it’s still matte, but...

A: Maybe demi-matte?

S: Yeah.

A: What about lip trends?

S: I like that the trend changes almost every month. Right now, there’s peel-off lip color.


A: I’ve heard about that.

S: I would try it, but I don’t think I’d use it every day.

A: There’s also permanent lip tint, but it’s not as popular here in Manila, unlike the brow tattoo. Almost all of our moms have that. [Laughs.]

S: I like that the brow tattoo has evolved. It’s no longer the tattoo that uses permanent ink. It’s sort of “embroidered,” right?

A: Yeah, I think the new one uses that “embroidery” technique is semi-permanent. One of my friends did it, and it lasted for about a month. It’s not as much of a commitment.

S: Unlike real tattoos that fade and change color.

A: And our face changes as we age.

S: Right, like, what if the tattoo sags?

Read the rest of Shari and Angela's Q&A in our June issue here

Main image photographed by Koji Arboleda


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