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Online Store of the Week: RRAW

Online Store of the Week: RRAW
This beauty brand is 101% local!

Natural ingredients will always be the best when it comes to skin care. So when we stumbled upon this local beauty brand on Instagram, we couldn’t help but be enamored of it almost instantly—RRAW uses only fresh ingredients that are gentle and kind to our skin. Its products are promising yet so surprisingly affordable, but what takes the cake is the fact that it’s a proudly Pinoy brand. In an interview with Preview, sisters Ira and Irene Tan tell us how RRAW came about and what sets it apart from the other beauty giants on the market.

Please tell us about the brand and how you started.

“I sort of came to it by accident! [At first, I] started making soaps as a form of my creative outlet. Then people wanted to try it, and the rest is history.

“RRAW began when the need for healthy skin care alternatives started to rise. Living in the Philippines, we are constantly surrounded by toxic chemicals, pollution, excess heat from the sun, dust, and so much more. How are we supposed to protect our skin properly when the soaps that are offered in the market are often times drowned in chemicals themselves?


“RRAW wanted to give you the option to choose. To choose a skin care line that uses ingredients that is nature-based and causes no further harm to your skin. A skin care line that protects, heals, and cares for the needs of your skin. [We also chose the name] RRAW as we tend to use raw ingredients in some of our products.”

Are all your products locally and organically manufactured?

“Yes! We are 101% local! We make everything by hand! As difficult and overwhelming it may get doing everything ourselves, there is a huge satisfaction on our end when the products finally reach our customers.”

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What is it about RRAW that sets it apart from other big beauty brands?

“I think what sets us apart is that we really try our best to keep our items plant-powered! There are so many beautiful botanical ingredients out there just waiting to be used!”

Who do you see using your products?

“I think we all have a little RRAW inside of us! I try to create products with a little diversity. I want to give something for every woman, but I think our target market [mainly includes] girls who prefer a gentle way of boosting and caring for their beautiful skin. They are not looking for a quick 10-minute fix [but are] after the long-term effect. We want girls to love the skin they’re in!”


If you are to recommend your three best products, what would they be and why?

“Only 3?! First would be our entire Raw Bar Collection. All these soaps are made with fresh and natural ingredients. They work wonders effortlessly!

“Second, our Herb Facial Serum. These serums are made with a special and specific blend of oils to cater to each skin type. This is our holy grail of all grails! I want to educate people that putting oil onto your face actually won't make you oilier! It just depends on the combination of oils.

“Last, our Pink Salt Underarm Cleanser! I made this because I really wanted to work with clay and wanted to create something dough-like. This has enough exfoliants to gently graze your armpit for a softer texture while brightening it up, too! It also has a light deo effect.”

To shop their products, go to their website or Instagram account @rrawph.

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