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4 Beauty Tips We Learned from NYFW That Are Perfect for the Lazy Girl

Effortless beauty.
4 Beauty Tips We Learned from NYFW That Are Perfect for the Lazy Girl
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/yassipressman
Effortless beauty.

Fall/Winter runways aren't usually our go-to for easy and wearable looks. Over the years, we've been programmed to believe that the season is only for dark eyeshadow, bold lips, and all matte everything. But this season, the beauty department has managed to surprise us. Minimal makeup and undone hairstyles dominated the runways of New York Fashion Week Fall 2017, showcasing looks that every woman and beauty enthusiast can (and should) wear.

Below are some of the tips we've gathered from the recently concluded shows, and trust us when we say that even the most lazy beauty girls will love these.

1. Drop the glittery highlighters for a natural sheen.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/emaritraffie

Tibi Fall/Winter 2017

The dewy looks at NYFW this fall ditched glitter for something more natural-looking: gloss. Makeup artists massaged strobing cream onto the skin for shine, and dabbed lip gloss on the eyelids to elevate "barefaced" looks.

Seeing you'll only need your fingers for this makeup trick, this is perfect for the lazy girl! Plus, you won't worry about having an unblended stripe of glitter. So instead of using powdered glitter, opt for illuminating primers and creams that give a glossy effect. For more coverage, use a dewy foundation. And if you're oily, just lightly powder everywhere except the high points of the face. Go all out on the gloss by skipping eyeshadow and trading it for your satin lipstick for subtle color on the eyes.



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2. Accessorize your hair.


Tory Burch Fall/Winter 2017

Dainty bows are the hair accessory of the season! These will spice up your regular ponytails (get extra points for velvet bows!). We recommend re-purposing your old belts and chokers if you can't be bothered to shop for a new hair accessory.



Forever 21 Velvet Bow Hair Tie, SM Megamall

3. Stop overdoing your brows.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/emaritraffie

Public School Fall/Winter 2017

We're not all born with perfect brows, but sporting bare arches can also be effortlessly chic. It tones down your look and makes it fresher and more youthful. Most models at NYFW had their brows left alone this season, wearing only a bit of brow gel to keep it in place.

To pull this off, find a brow shape that you're most comfortable in. You can rock your natural arch or have them shaped professionally so the only thing you have to do in the morning is a bit of brushing.


IMAGE Essence

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel, P149, Watsons

4. Instead of curling your hair, put it in a low ponytail.


Hellesy Fall/Winter 2017 by Aveda

Have an important meeting or event to attend? Well, with this look, your hair is one less thing to stress about. Inspired by the sleek hair trend, the low ponytail got its own chic revival. It's the low-maintenance yet sophisticated 'do that we almost forgot about.

For your next dressy event, cop this hairstyle by coating your hair with long-lasting hair oil or serum before gathering them at the bottom with a hairtie. You'll achieve the same polished look without gel sticking to your fingers!


IMAGE L'oreal

L'oreal Nourishing Mythic Oil, P995, L'oreal Professional Partner Salons